Carlo Pignatelli Wedding Dresses III

Wedding Dresses | January 09 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

We are back with more beautiful and refined dresses from Carlo Pignatelli, dresses that this creator designed for one of his ultimate 2011 bridal collections. Those of you who enter our website more often certainly have seen the other styles created by Carlo Pigantelli that we’ve posted in our previous articles.


But if you are curious and eager to see more, you should browse on our pages and check out the other models. We are pretty sure that eventually you will be able to make yourself an overall image and impression on how his dresses look like and what his original style means.

This Italian designer is one of the most famous and successful ones, and his meticulous and exquisitely cut dresses usually address to the sophisticated type of brides. We like his creations because they are very fluid, refined and feminine. The lines are simple, clean and natural, the silhouettes are sexy, impeccable and lightweight, the fabrics are soft, woolly and expensive, and the profiles are romantic, fashionable and chic.

However, we believe that the ultra elegance promoted by these Carlo Pignatelli wedding dresses might not fit or reach the expectations of all brides. These are very chic and light gowns that we recommend especially for the brides who are planning a versatile eye-catchy look and a more relaxing type of wedding.

Although the first impression that these dresses give us is one of extravagance and high class, we see them worn by both formal and casual brides. For destination brides who are planning a more luxurious and sophisticated type of wedding these gorgeous Carlo Pignatelli wedding dresses can truly make wonderful or inspired selections.

You should definitely zoom in on the pictures so that you can see these charming dresses in a closer light. This way you will get the chance to examine closely each cut, line and detail, and the surprise is that this designer really has a good eye for details and for creating subtle and refined accents.

This is actually one of the many reasons for why these gowns look so beautiful, fresh and appealing. The detailing work, the embroideries and the embellishments are very creative and soft, fine and discreet, although artistic and one of a kind. We don’t know about you, but we are crazy about the immaculate white fluid skirts and the little precious details made for the surface of the fabrics.11

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