Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

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If you’re still searching for the most elegant and stylish type of flower to use in your bridal bouquet and perhaps in your wedding décor arrangements, perhaps you should stop at calla lily. And we picked these calla lily wedding bouquets for this article because we want to give you a few examples of beautiful arrangements that you can choose or get inspired from for your own wedding ceremony.


You can follow the same designs used for these bouquets for your own wedding, or you can use another type of arrangement and perhaps other colors to make your bouquet look even more attractive and unique! There are many ways to compose a special calla lily wedding bouquet, where the only thing that you should take into consideration is the formality of the wedding.

The season, the theme and location of the ceremony and reception are surely other important aspects that you should take into consideration when planning the most attractive and adequate bouquet for your wedding. Otherwise, the arrangement you will obtain might not fit the ceremony you’re organizing. Make sure that the bouquet you carry suits your wedding dress in design, color and embroideries. The sash, ribbon, accessories or decorative items you use for the bouquet must be similar to the ones you have on your dress. This way you can be sure that your look will be as unified, coherent and thematic as possible.

The calla lilies are dainty flowers that can compose high class and stylish bouquets, especially when used in white shades. The pastel colored calla lilies are ideal for refined fancy formal weddings, while the vibrant blooms are more adequate for outdoors natural weddings. If you are not into the white theme and wish to obtain a more provocative and perhaps sensual look, you should give it a try with a purple calla lily wedding bouquet! The purple nuance is definitely one of the most seductive, romantic and refined colors that a bride can choose for her wedding. You can combine it with different shades of pink and obtain a more diversified and original versatile effect.

The purple palette contains shades of mauve, lavender, violet, plum, lilac and aubergine, and this is why is so important to choose with care and attention the most adequate and unique type of purple for your bouquet. Calla lilies look wonderful next to roses, orchids, peonies, ranunculuses, tuberoses, sweet peas and gardenias.11

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