California Beach Weddings

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Beach wedding ceremonies and receptions are not pricey events and you can have your wedding on various beaches in California. Your choices are endless and can find lots of restaurant near the beach where the reception can be held or you can host the party right on the beach. You will need to rent a few chairs and tables and then think of ways to make them stand out. Add small flowers on the chairs or use some blue colored organza bows. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to think of a simple and uncomplicated look if you want to speed things up. For the ceremony you can add a gazebo in order to frame the aisle and then use the same blue colored ribbons to create a draping effect for the gazebo.

Blue flowers can be used to make a carpet out of them and to scatter a few petals around the beach as well. For the reception , you can use the same blue color to decorate the tables. Pink and white will also work perfectly for such a theme or pink and blue. Use some large bowls on the tables and fill them up with plastic seashells. You can also order miniature cakes shaped like a fish or have them decorated with exotic flowers. You can also opt for exotic flower arrangements. They can be silk arrangements if your main concern is reducing some costs. Add tall containers on the tables if you want a more dramatic effect.

California Beach Weddings

California Beach Weddings (Photo by: Karisma Hotels)

Fish bowls can also be used and you can add pearls in them or actual live fish. As for the favors, give the guests scented soaps or some mini sun lotions. Think of the beach symbols and its colors and base your favor choices and the the theme of the reception. You can even use sea elements like all kinds of fish and exotic flower symbols. The wedding cake can also be decorated with shells or it can be shaped like a sand castle. You and your husband have a lot of choices to make and you have to start making them as soon as possible. Do not leave these things up to the very last minute.


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