Butterfly Wedding Invitations

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Symbolize your love, joy, and journey into marriage with butterfly themed wedding invitations.
If you decide on designing  your wedding invitations with the butterfly theme, you will have to consider the ceremony. Butterflies are ideal if you are planning a spring wedding, to embrace the freshness of the season. Let anyone know, a new marriage is about to bloom as the trees, to show it`s petals as the flowers, that a new love flies in the air, announcing your special ceremony.

But how could you possibly announce people better, than by creating the perfect butterfly wedding invitations?

Butterfly wedding invitations are the perfect choice for a garden or outdoor wedding or if you are planning a butterfly release as a part of your special ceremony.

You can choose to go with a simple all white butterfly theme or perhaps choose to have a color scheme related to a specific species of butterfly. Play around with ideas until you come up with something that is uniquely suited to your personalities and desires. Any way you look at it, a butterfly wedding theme invitations can provide an enchanting elegance to any wedding.

What`s most appropriate for this type of invitations are pastel colors. Pink, purple, blue, green or pale yellow, anything but dark colors, because light and airy colors are the ones reflecting the renewal of spring.

Nothing can suit a wedding better, than a romantic wedding theme, like the butterfly wedding theme. Invitations should reflect exactly what the guests have to expect from your ceremony.  So, if you want your wedding to be enchanting, colorful and majestic, take, as a first step, your invitations into consideration.

Butterflies appear in many colors, shapes and styles. From the most simple to the most sophisticated model, butterflies only create this athmosphere of freedom, beauty and joy.

Why not trying to match the butterflies on your guest`s invitation to the specific butterfly on their table? That way, you manage to develop a game, that your guests will surely enjoy.

Furthermore, when creating a celebration based on butterflies, you have many ideas that abound. For example, your invitation wording can be written with the help of a butterfly poem. There are many options on this theme, that you can find online. Everything is just one click away.

Let your love fly on the wings of a butterfly, make everything to seem trully magical. Butterfly invitations can be easily made also by your own hands. Imagine how a painted butterfly would look on your invitation. Personalize your invitations the way you want, make them both unique and elegant, both funny and childish, create that fairy tale wedding, every woman dreams of and let everyone know, your love makes you feel free as the flight of a butterfly.11

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