Burgundy Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | February 26 2020 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

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Burgundy color is a shade of purplish red that originates in the name of a former province in eastern France famous for its wines. It is a color that due to its complexity has different effects on people. We meet very often people from the maturity period to favor this color rather than the younger ones. Burgundy is a color that offers itself in a note that appeals more to the people having a certain degree of understanding the aspects of life that relates more to a status rendered by a certain level of financial stability. This is the reason why we meet this color to be worn by older people, since it symbolizes wealth, prosperity and success. These aspects of life appear mostly to people who have already defined some goals and fulfilled them already by gaining a well-established social status.

It is a color however that grabs attention more than any other color, especially when it is used to design outfits. The persons in their need to show power also favor this color and you can often meet people wearing merely a piece from their garments, for instance a tie or a scarf, to catch the eyes. Considering that it is a color that draws its roots from a dark shade of red it is also seen as bearing a note of mystery that no one can unveil that is the reason why people use it in carnival costumes or to decorate the stages of the theatres halls. It is some sort of an unconscious grace carried inside the shadows of this color and even if are not interested to have it as a color for your wardrobe, you are still grasped by its intense effect.

burgundy-wedding-dressesThe brides in looking to wear something spectacular for their wedding attire can choose burgundy wedding dress in order to emphasize the power of a moment that is part of one of the most important day of one’s life. Mostly all of these gowns are created in relation with the wealthy symbol carried by the color. Thus we meet dresses in a richness of ruffled-skirt gowns with strapless corsage and dark shades of burgundy lace to decorate it. Or burgundy wedding dresses with long rich trains to complement the aspect of an opera-stage effect role.

Imagine a bride entering the church door wearing one of these gowns; isn’t this an impressive way to make one’s appearance into a space that hosts the event meant to change one’s life? It is the power of love that a wedding of this sort is reflecting towards the audience; it has indeed something spectacular, so be sure of its effect once you decided to purchase it for your wedding day.

Maybe it is time for the bride to see her marriage as part of the big show that our life consists of and considers herself to play the role of a queen that rules the world with the power of love.



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  2. francine

    March 02, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I love burgundy a lot. It’s the color that makes me feel alive, passionate, warm and able to do whatever I want. I don’t know if I could wear it as a bridal dress, though. I like the dress you posted here, for instance. As line, it can be considered a wedding dress, but still it doesn’t have that charm a white dress has. I would wear burgundy in a combination with white. A white wedding dress, adorned with burgundy flowers or embroidered with burgundy on teh bodice and hem line would be more appropriate for a bride than a simple burgundy wedding dress. It may be a traditional thinking, but white is for a bride and no other color. Except maybe if the tradition involves other colors than white.

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