Bridesmaid Shoes Etiquette

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Weddings are special moments and all women do their best in order to look impeccable on that day. Apart from purchasing elegant and refined dresses that will emphasize their beauty and hide their flaws, women pay a significant attention to shoes. This is a more delicate and important choice especially if you are the bride or the bridesmaid. When choosing their shoes, bridesmaids must take into consideration certain factors such as the location of the wedding, time of the year, color and type of dress and, of course, the level of comfort. Shoes must be, first of all, very comfortable and easy to wore, because the bridesmaids will probably dance and walk during the whole wedding ceremony and reception.

The first rule of bridesmaids shoes etiquette says it’s mandatory to match the shoes with the dress. This means the color of your shoes should be the same as your dress or at least combine harmoniously. For instance, a green dress will never go with a pair of red shoes. The most indicated colors in this case are green, silver, white or black. However, specialists advise women not to wear black and white with any dress. Although easy to combine, sometimes these colors create a dull image. Another interesting solution is to buy dyeable shoes. If you find a pair of shoes that fit you perfectly but have the wrong color you can dye them. 

 Bridesmaid Shoes Etiquette (Source:

Bridesmaid Shoes Etiquette (Source:

The theme of the wedding or the location can also limit your choices. For example, in case of a beach wedding it is not at all recommended to wear high heels. You will probably stand and walk on sand and heels will make this very difficult. The most indicated shoes for this occasion are sandals or a pair of delicate flip flops. Shoes generally complement the bridesmaids outfit and draw the attention when worn with a short dress. In this situation is essential to be very careful when choosing the shoes. Short dresses are usually casual, hence quite simple. According to wedding etiquette these dresses can be accessorized with a pair of embellished shoes.

 Bridesmaid Shoes Etiquette (Source:

Bridesmaid Shoes Etiquette (Source:

It is important to keep in mind that shoes must reflect the bridesmaids’ personality and fit their style. If they normally wear flat shoes it is not indicated to ask them to purchase shoes with high heels. It is very important to look perfect on the wedding day but the comfort is very significant as well.


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