Bridesmaid dresses, same fabric, different styles

Wedding Dresses | March 29 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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When the bride has a single <a href=””>bridesmaid</a>, the situation is simple and usually, the bride doesn’t impose any condition in what regards her wedding array, but when the bride has four and even more bridesmaids, the situation gets a little complicated. The bridesmaids may have different silhouettes, two can be tall, one can be mignonette and one can be plus size. Well, somehow the bride must find a “middle” way to accomplish all of them without provoking conflicts, without creating a charged general look, without bringing inconveniences to one of them. Yes, I told that the <a href=”″>bridesmaids arrays </a>it becomes a problem for the bride. But there are enough solutions to solve this problem without stress, worries or conflicts and in this article, I’d like to incorporate some of them:&
-First of all, the bride must totally collaborate with all her bridesmaids to set the generalities: what color is suitable for them and would offer advantages to all of them (usually dark colors are used when there are one or two plus size bridesmaids), but also will contrast with the bride’s gown, the dresses fabric, the line, the cut, the design, the accessories and they should decide upon the sandals too. Once all these generalities were discussed, the bride-to-be together with her<a href=””> bridesmaids</a> will decide if they’ll opt for custom-tailored dresses or they’ll try to find beautiful dresses in specialized stores.

Before going shopping, all of them must know their right sizes and also, they must have some ideas about what design fits them perfectly. When the gowns will be made by a dressmaker, the situation is simple. Every bridesmaid will talk with the dressmaker and say him what model fits them well and it’s impossible to obtain an ugly result. The situation is complicated when the dresses are bought from a store and they need some alterations. That’s the reason I advice every bride-to-be to talk with her girls and together bring at the conclusion that’s much better to buy fabric and look for a talented dressmaker who’ll create their arrays.<strong> Bridesmaid dresses made from the same fabric, but different styles</strong> is a great option, often seen at weddings where the bride has four even six bridesmaids. Even that there are some conditions in what regards the fabric and the color, the design choice should come from every bridesmaid.

Two can opt for strapless tea length gowns, two can opt for tea length gown with sleeves, or all of them can opt for A-line cut, but different lengths and so on. The pictures I’ve posted for this article with <strong>bridesmaid dresses made from the same fabric, but with different styles</strong> will inspire you, but most important is to solve this problem with no conflicts, stress or wasting a fortune. Finally, all that it matters is your friendship which in the big day will achieve even a greatest veiling.11

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