Butterfly Wedding Invitations

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Your wedding invitations will have to reflect your personality and last but not least your theme. For a summer or spring wedding concept, butterflies are the perfect symbols to use. There are many stationery shops online which can be your inspiration for such invitation styles. The butterflies on the cardstock can be white and silver ones, they can be gold or they can be multicolored ones. If you are looking for a specific color , you will find endless combinations. The size of these butterflies can be a small one or they can cover the whole cardstock of the invitations. The only way you will know what you like and what not is by looking at some samples.

The cardstock can be a regular square one but it can also be shaped like a butterfly. These kinds of style are truly one of a kind but they will cost more. So before you decide to spend that much money on your invitations, make a list of costs and calculate how much you should be spending on these invites. You can also look for abstract butterfly designs or handmade invitations. These kinds of invites can have unique painted butterflies on them or some other applications. The butterflies can be silk ones and they can be glued in the corner of the invites or right in the middle. A pop-up butterfly invitation will surely make an impression on your guests.

Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Butterfly Wedding Invitations (Photo by: Debs (ò‿ó)♪)

There are other styles you can opt for, but whatever you decide to choose make sure you and your future husband both agree. He might like a simpler design while you might want something a bit more sophisticated. In this case, you will need to sit down and have a talk. Don’t rush into buying these invitations before you analyze the price, the style, the color and so on. You need to be sure of your choice and remember that these invitations have to reflect your spring or summer theme. The wording is also important so be cautious when choosing your introduction and while adding all the correct date like time, place and location.

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