Beach Theme Wedding Invitations

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Invitations are used to reflect the theme of your wedding. This will inform the guests about the formalities concerning this event and the theme you are planning. If you want a classical invitation like the postcard style, you can add various tropical elements to it. Use lots of bright colors for the background of the invitation and opt for abstract sea designs. You can also add a picture of the two of you in the background. You can also choose a simple blue invitation and make the embellishments look even more special. You can tie it using a starfish model or by creating some interesting loops and adding pearls on the bows.

A beige colored invite with blue accents will also pop. Palm trees are also some of the elements you can think of including in the invitations. Sceneries with sandy gold beaches and sunsets are also a pretty romantic touch. You can find all of these invitations style at specialized stores. Some couples also like checking out handmade shops. They can be even more special due to their handmade applications. They can even have hand painted beach elements on them. A flip-flop invitation style is perfect if you are looking for a more humorous approach. You can do these invitations on your own or if you don’t want to mess it up stick to ordering them online.

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations (Photo by: delilahiris)

There are many samples you can look at. You can make a list of the stores and prices you would prefer and then decide on the final invitations based on your personal likes. The budget is also a key factor when choosing the finishing touches for the invitations. The more details the invites have the more they will cost. Make sure that you also choose a suitable wording and that you include the RSVP. These details are important so you have to pay attention and make sure nothing slips. You can hire a calligrapher if you want a special writing or go with the basic font style. Just make sure that the invitations have at least a beach element or color combination that represents this theme.

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