Black And White Wedding Ideas

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Black and white wedding themes are classical concepts. Start with black and white invitations which you can find at stationary shops or handmade stores. They can have a unique style with lace details or a more comical concept. You can add a bit of color like silver or gold if you don’t want an all black and white invitation. If not stick to the classical style. Your décor is the next thing that you have to handle. Make sure that you opt for black and white chairs covers. They can have like bows and even flowers on them. Your centerpieces can contain feathers which is also a very eccentric style.

They will of course have to be black and white or you can opt for white feather in a black tall vase. White flowers will also give the tables a very elegant touch. The black accent can be found in some ribbons tying your bouquets or you can add the flowers in glass containers and then use black aqua gems at the bottom of this vase. The chairs for the ceremony along with the rest of the décor can also consist in some black and white draping details. This will be the perfect note if you have a gazebo framing the aisle. If not flower garlands can also be used. Your wedding favors can consist in black and white baked goods like cupcakes which can be added in gifts boxes.

Black And White Wedding Ideas

Black And White Wedding Ideas (Photo by: Amie)

The boxes can be black with your initials on them. You can also find candy and by adding them in cocktail glasses you will create that black and white effect. Apples dipped in white and dark chocolate is also a nice touch and perfect for a fall theme or miniature black and white wedding cakes. Always base these wedding mementos on your wedding concept. You can also incorporate a black detail in your bridal attire. It can be a big satin bow in the back or you can wear black stilettos. This is a classical combination which you can use in many ways for your wedding reception.

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