Fall Wedding Table Ideas

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It’s never easy to choose which table decorations you want to use for a fall wedding. You can change your mind a thousand times and still be indecisive. A good tip would be to start by choosing the venue and once you have the location, this might inspire you. If you also know you want a rustic theme and nothing else, you can start browsing sites and selecting rustic decorations. You will probably find lots of candles, picture frames, rustic vases and so on. In them you can add branches and then use miniature fruits or vegetables to adorn these branches. But they can also be used on their own along with river stones in the containers. Flowers are also perfect for this rustic theme. There are plenty of arrangements you can choose from.

If you consult with a florist, he or she will show you lots of sample bouquets which you can choose from. Some have one single color while others incorporate more flowers and more colors. If you wish to include pumpkins in your wedding décor, you can do so because it seems to be a very popular decoration item. It can be used in the plastic version or you can purchase actual pumpkins. They can be white or orange ones. The white ones will look great with dark plum flowers or some orange ones which can be placed in the middle of the wedding tables. But the orange ones can also be used in combination with tea light candles or with rich flower bouquets. Candy can be added to fill these pumpkin containers or you can also buy some candy canes.

Fall Wedding Table Ideas

Fall Wedding Table Ideas (Photo by: Erika Hollinghead)

If you can’t find the size you want for these pumpkins, you can buy regular glass containers or Mason jars and fill them up with candy. You can find candy resembling scary figurines or candy shaped as flowers or hearts of you want a more romantic symbol. The amount of money you spend on these decorations is up to you. Some don’t care about these costs, since they want to make their day perfect and have every single item they want. Others on the other hand need to be cautious when it comes to their wedding budget.

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