Christmas Wedding Invitations

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Christmas is the perfect time of the year to plan a wedding. There are so many choices when it comes to choosing your decorations and not to mention the invitations. Start by looking at sample invitations online and make a list of the ones you like the most. The cardstock for the invites can be a regular square shape and it can have all sorts of images representing the holiday spirit. You can opt for miniature Santa figurines on the invites if you want to go with a more comical note. Snowflake models can also be chosen, mistletoe designs, sledges, globes, lights and other symbols like these. You can also choose to opt for a 3D type of invitation which will cost more.

Some invitations are even musical ones. So if you are thinking of really impressing the guests, you can do so by choosing a musical invite. Choose whichever carol you like because once the guests open the invites, it will start playing. You can also choose an interesting invitation shape. The invitations can be shaped like a gift box with a bow made out of a fabric. Choose whichever colors you like as well, but make sure they are based on your wedding color palette.

Christmas Wedding Invitations

Christmas Wedding Invitations (Photo by: willumarryme2011)

You should be very creative with the colors because they will also make the invitations pop. The cardstock can be all covered in red or gold glitter or you can have the wording written in glittery letters. The prices vary a lot from one store to another. But it just depends what you want in terms of  style and designs and how much are you willing to invest to get it. Some couples will stop at nothing to have the invitations they want. Others will have to cut back on some costs and spend their money wisely. You just have to figure out if the invitations are where you wish to reduce some costs or if you want to go all out with them and invest in some one of a kind designs.

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