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Since the vast majority of the modern brides are only attracted to everything that can make them look unique, special and outstanding from the rest of the brides, we thought that giving you a few suggestions in unique bridal wedding bouquets might help you make the right decision in this field.

The bridal bouquet has a very special and essential role in making the bride look more sensual, colorful, festive, elegant, stylish and feminine. That is why is very important to use the most suitable and still fashionable types of wedding flowers, colors, shapes and styles for the wedding bouquet. But how can a bride recognize a unique bridal wedding bouquet from the rest of the bouquets available out there? What makes a wedding bouquet unique, original and distinctive? First of all, we can say that the flower combinations and the color-palettes or themes you use for the bouquet can change its all appearance and style.

But let’s start with the flowers. If you are interested in knowing what types of wedding flowers are in vogue this year, we can give you a few examples, hopping that using them you could obtain a more spectacular and eye-catchy bouquet. You should know that natural touch wedding bouquets are in big demand in 20210, when simplistic and clean arrangements really rock! So keep it unsophisticated, loose and casual, in order to achieve a modern look.

Among the most popular types of fresh real and natural wedding flowers that are in fashion these days are: gardenias, plumerias, hibiscus, peonies, star gazer lily, lilies of the valley, lavenders, jasmines, hyacinths, gladiolas, daffodils, asters, chrysanthemums, gerbera daises, hydrangeas, sunflowers, wax flowers, cherry blooms or orchids.

The tropical touch is also in big rage at the moment. When it comes to colors, they have to shiny, sparkle and glitter with richness, attractiveness and brightness. Choose a dynamic bold colored unique bridal wedding bouquet using deep scarlet reds, bright yellows, dee purples, light violets, plums, teals, turquoises, navy blues, aqua blues, lime green, mints, corals, peaches, vintage oranges, hot pinks, magentas, fuchsias, burgundy, chocolate browns or golds, in order to obtain a more refreshing, sensual, fragrant and festive look.

If you are planning a wedding with a more unconventional character and formality, we advise you to use alternatives to fresh real wedding flowers and compose a more intriguing funky, cosmopolitan and vangurdist unique bridal wedding bouquet.

Here are some ideas of unusual unique alternative bridal wedding bouquets that you can choose from: origami wedding bouquets, feather wedding bouquets, beaded or jeweled wedding bouquets, seashell wedding bouquets, Christmas ornaments wedding bouquets, twigs and leaves wedding bouquets, button wedding bouquets, crystal wedding bouquets, basket or fan wedding bouquets, fruits and branches wedding bouquets, candles wedding bouquets, etc.11

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