Boxed Wedding Invitations

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To impress your guests with unique and elegant wedding invitations you should consider buying one of the various boxed wedding invitation designs available on the market. Made of quality materials and adorned with beautiful embellishments, these invitations will definitely catch the attention with their luxurious and stylish appearance. Here are only a few of the most interesting boxed invitations that you should check out.

Boxed Wedding Invitations

Boxed Wedding Invitations (Photo by: Bunches and Bits {Karina})

A worthy mention is the Alysha boxed wedding invitation which is available for $19.50 and was designed by TheCoutureInviteDiva. This stylish invitation is made from pearl linen cover stock paper and measures 5 x 7 inches. It catches your attention with a black and teal satin border which surrounds the wording elegantly printed using black ink. In the middle of the invitation you will also notice a beautiful teal satin bow adorned with a gorgeous round brooch. Along with this invitation you will also receive a matching reply card with matching envelope, reception and direction cards and an accommodation card. All these items along with the wedding invitation are secured inside a stunning chocolate keepsake box which is wrapped by a teal satin ribbon with a personalized white tag with teal borders and the names of the bride and groom elegantly printed.


The 100 Starfish and Beach boxed wedding invitation should also be taken into consideration. This catchy invitation is signed by Raquel Soriano and costs no more and no less than $10 per unit. It measures 5 x 7 inches and is made of teal vellum paper. You will be impressed by the petal pochette design and the beautiful details. By opening the petal pochette covers you will discover an ecru insert decorated with beautiful starfish. On this insert you will see the wedding details written using a stylish font and blue ink. Each invitation is secured with the help of a sheer white organza ribbon tied into a bow over a stunning starfish. Along with this invitation which is delivered into a beautiful gold box you will also receive matching response and reception cards and suitable envelopes. You can also add above the invitation a few seashells to ensure more visual impact.

Boxed Wedding Invitations

Boxed Wedding Invitations (Photo by: Juliana Forero)

You should also check out the Sky Blue boxed wedding invitation designed by Alexandria Lindo. This elegant invitation comes with a sophisticated design and amazing details that will definitely wow your guests. Made of 100% cotton savoy paper, this invitation has beautiful light blue and navy blue borders which frame the wording printed in the white middle area using silver ink. Matching response and reception cards, as well as maps, accommodation cards and table number cards are also sold along with this wedding invitation. Each item is adorned with beautiful rhinestones and silver swirls, secured with white and blue rope and sealed inside a light blue box. The top cover of the box features on the inside a beautiful love message adorned with an acrylic flower and blue rhinestones. If you are interested in buying this boxed wedding invitation you will have to pay $13.50.

These are only a few of the boxed invitations that are worth checking out.


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