Blumarine Sposa Wedding Dresses

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We are back with more beautiful gowns from Blumarine Sposa – one of most successful and famous designers who create for the successful Bellantuono fashion group. This is the second article that we write on Blumarine wedding dresses and we are still curious to see your reactions to these precious styles that we picked for this post.


If you are interested to see more delightful and charming pieces from this Italian designer you should look for the other posts and pictures that we feature on our website.

These superb gowns that you have the opportunity to see on this page were all created for one of this designer’s ultimate 2011 bridal collection that we recommend to all contemporary brides who care of something sweet, totally refined and elevated for their wedding.

We are pretty impressed with the impeccable simple and clean lines, slightly enriched with a few innovative pleats, drapes and subtle textures that make them look even more fashionable and modern. However, there are a few designs in this collection that can also fit the classic brides and their preferences.

We are convinced that the styles with spaghetti straps and V-cut necklines are ideal for those of you who are planning a more decent or unassuming type of look. These “quiet” designs are also flattering for the mature brides or for those who have decided to plan their wedding latter in life.

There is something mature, prestigious, classy, stylish, clean and elegant about these gowns that make them look such perfect attire selections for the pretentious older or encore brides, indeed! We love these Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses and this collection released for 2011 because many brides can find something appropriate and 100% fitted for their own wear.

The contemporary type of elegance makes a wonderful and clever pair with the timeless type of romanticism that these dresses express. This fusion is the one that makes these gowns look so versatile and attractive. Graceful, candid, almost fragile, elevated and refined, these splendid creations are definitely for the modern brides who care for something sophisticated and yet natural.

The simplicity, fluidity and nonchalance of the silhouettes, lines, details and embroideries are the elements that make these gowns look so feminine, delicate, fine and adorable! We like the fact that this enchanting collection contains both strapless and covered designs that can fit and flatter different types of brides and their unique preferences.11

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