Blue Square Wedding Cakes

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Square wedding cakes are still in vogue this year, especially if the flavors, colors and themes are a bit more unconventional, eye-catchy and truly unique and surprising. One of the best ways to obtain a wedding cake that is not too traditional and not too contemporary, not too simple and not too pompous, not too conventional and not too unusual, not too casual and not too sober or formal, is to keep a more conventional shape and add all kinds of unique and trendy decorative elements or colors just to transform it into a real balanced and suitable wedding cake for all types of weddings.

This article is dedicated to blue square wedding cakes and their charm and popularity among modern couples looking for something more different, outstanding and yet not too showy. Blue is a color that can match anything that has to do with weddings, especially because it’s a must have shade. Brides can choose any wedding article in blue, just to honor that “something old” tradition.

If you’re not courageous enough to wear a truly magnificent and unique blue wedding dress, you can at least plant the wedding cake in blue. The effect will be absolutely surprising, breath taking and eye-catchy. Blue is the color that goes perfectly well with white, especially because they have similar color significations and symbols: purity, innocence, unity, femininity, spirituality, inspiration, mediation, guidance, lightness, openness, flight, breeze, enchantment, delicacy, gracefulness, chastity, naturalness, nonchalance, desire, sensuality, affection, warmth and fidelity. Blue can also make a superb match with ivory, pink, green, orange, brown, yellow, silver, bronze, gray, red or black.

Depending on what color-scheme you will choose for the wedding, you can make a decision consulting the several existing shades of blue: pale blue, aqua blue, azure, sapphirne, turquoise, light violet, clear blue skies, mauve, ultramarine blue, deep seas blue, navy blue or mauve. A blue square wedding cake can look incredibly amazing if you decide to ornate it with cascading exotic or wildflowers, jewels or other edible decorative items. Use lavish calla lilies, star gazer lilies, orchids, peonies, roses, daises, tulips, lavenders, anemones, hibiscus, orange or cherry blossoms, jasmines, sunflowers, cornflowers or coneflowers in edible or real format. You can enrich a blue square wedding cake and make it look more fanciful, themed, glittering, sophisticated, refined and attractive by simply using pearls, diamonds, rhinestones, crystals, beads, precious gems, swags, sequins or lace appliqués and curtains. U

se edible seashells, starfishes, corals, ropes, bandanas, brooches, ribbons and other jewel appliqués to transform a simple blue square wedding cake into a more glamorous, extravagant and exquisite cake. Alternate the square tiers with round, oval and heart shapes and obtain a spectacular diamond or wrapped gift box blue wedding cake.11

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