Blue Snowflake Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitations come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose the invites based on the wedding concept and based on the colors you want to incorporate in your theme. For winter wonderland theme or for a winter inspired wedding concept you can opt for elements such as snowmen, Christmas trees or some snowflakes. You can get inspired form anything that reminds you of the winter season. The snowflakes can be on the background or they can be the main symbols if the invite. You can choose any shape and any color that you like, but blue is the traditional shade. You could also choose a white cardstock or maybe a blue navy tone.

Blue Snowflake Wedding Invitations (Source:

Blue Snowflake Wedding Invitations (Source:

You can choose whichever color suits your theme. The wording part should also be taken into account, so don’t forget to mention the location, date and time of the wedding reception. Make sure you use big fonts so that the guests can all understand the data. You can also choose whichever script style you like best. In order to get inspired for your wedding invitation you need to browse several sites until you come across the invitations that you like. If you want make your own personalized invitations, this can be done with a little bit of creativity and some good computer skills. You can do your own snowflake design or you can even paint the snowflakes.

Blue Snowflake Wedding Invitations (Source:

Blue Snowflake Wedding Invitations (Source:

Just remember to begin your work at least a few weeks in advance if not a whole month so that you have enough time to finish your work or art. Of course this will require some time and patience but if you truly want some unique wedding invites that you should go for it. Don’t let anyone or anything slow you down.


This would be an excellent way to save up some money and invests in other things like decoration or the wedding attire. You could also buy some simple blue snowflake invitation and you can add some extra adornment on the invitation to add a personal touch.


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