Black With Red Wedding Dresses

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When it comes to wedding dresses, nothing seems to be shocking nowadays. Women all over the world decide to get married in the most special and colorful outfits, not to mention that some of them do it completely naked. Under such circumstances, it looks like choosing a black and red wedding dress is one of the steadiest things you can do.

Why black and red

If you are rather an unconventional bride, willing to give up on the traditional and apparently obsolete bridal white, you should focus on something not too extravagant, nor gaudy. Elegance and style often come from simplicity, so a decent contrast like the one that these two colors make should be more than enough. In addition, this is quite a popular wedding color scheme, which can be easily included on various types of events. The bride could take advantage and integrate into the décor or, on the contrary, get herself a more spectacular appearance if she knows how to successfully combine black with red.

Black With Red Wedding Dresses (Source:

Black With Red Wedding Dresses (Source:

What for

Various types of events is a little bit too general, so you might want to know on what specific weddings could a bride show up dressed like that. Red is always perfect for a Valentine’s day wedding theme, while black could be easily used in order to temperate its intensity. If it is a Halloween or a gothic wedding, then there is nothing more adequate than a bloody dress with some fearful black death-accents. On Christmas, red is on top of the bridals’ preferences, but black should be added for a more personalized gown. If you are not very excited about this, try softening the black with some silver and you will be impressed.

All of the above are classic contexts, but you can always choose to surprise your guests with a black and red dress even on a beach wedding or a backyard one.

Black With Red Wedding Dresses (Source:

Black With Red Wedding Dresses (Source:

Basic options

If you have chosen the combination for its simplicity, consider having the dress in one color and the accessories in the other color. If, on the contrary, you want something more spectacular, you should look for some rich embellished dresses, the ball gown type, with lots of ruffles, beads and embroideries. Black lace is always impressive, but it will look great on a red base. Start checking the specialized stores but also those offering cocktail or occasion dresses. If you have the money, you can always go to a designer and ask him or her to create a model especially for you. With the fantasy of a professional and the power of black and red, your success is guaranteed.


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