Black Wedding Invitations

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Auguste Renoir once said: “I’ve been forty years discovering that the queen of all the colors is black”. Might seem strange to select black as the main color for your wedding invitations but black is powerful and authoritative and it can symbolize strong emotions like the feeling of emptiness, fear or the overwhelming primordial void; it can represent darkness, silence, chaos, bereavement, anarchy, individuality and evil.
The black clothing makes a person look thinner, sophisticated, elegant, enigmatic or mysterious, evoking the sense of possibility and potential. This color has also an influence on the persons wearing it by making them feel camouflaged, hidden or protected from the public view, providing a sensation of tranquil emptiness.

In the western culture, black is often associated with Death or ill fortune. Who hasn’t heard about old superstitions like the one of the black cat who crosses your path and will bring bad luck or if a woman in buried in black clothes will come to haunt her family. Ever since the era of the Roman Empire black has been the color of mourning and usually a toga made of dark wool was worn at the funeral ceremonies and during long periods of morning. This custom is still practiced today in some parts of Europe, where women who lost their loved ones wear black clothes until their own death. In the Aztec culture, black was the color of war mostly because the swords had the cutting edge made out of back obsidian glass and the priests wore only black clothes. In Chinese culture, certain colors represent the four seasons, the primary elements or directions and black is associated this with north, water and winter. In Japanese culture, black, known as kuro, symbolizes age, experience and nobility, while the white color is associated with naiveté and youth. White is the color of the bridal gown, it commonly associated with the wedding ceremony but I see no reason why black shouldn’t be used for such an important occasion. The black clothing is considered elegant and grooms often wear black tuxedos on their wedding day, so black can also be used for a wedding invitation.

Wedding invitations come in all different shapes, designs, sizes, color and combination are often being made with the purpose of creating unique, one-of-a-kind invitation cards. You can always opt for a simple, black wedding invitation with a beautiful calligraphy or you can choose for black cards with patterns on them. The text could be written by hand, using white or silver inking to create an interesting contrast, but you can also choose for the raised letter printing method or engraving. The wording etiquette is less strict nowadays, so you can either use a formal way of addressing the wedding invitation or a less conventional one, by adding some favorite quotes, verses and even poems if you have enough space on the invitation card. An idea would be to create the wedding invitations by yourself but it would probably be less difficult if you order the online, where you may find an overwhelming variety of black wedding invitation samples. The wedding invitations manufacturers will temp you with all sorts of sale offers and my suggestion is to go for it if find something to your liking and most of all, cheap. On the invitation you ought to find the basic information about the future wedding: the name of the wedding hosts, in most cases being the bride’s parents, the name of the bride and groom and their families, the date, time and location of the ceremony, with some details like directional signs, a map of the wedding location, if the wedding has a theme and if the guests have to wear something different from the normal outfit, or if there is an after-party or reception to follow after the religious ceremony.

The black wedding invitation could be mailed to your guests in a classic, black double envelope or a single one and it will make a good impression if you write by hand the addresses. It is necessary to add an RSVP so that you may know the exact number of guests and make the proper arrangements for the upcoming event. Old beliefs die hard but there is no need to feel doubtful whether to choose for a black wedding invitation or a more popular one. It is your wedding we are talking about and if you like black, as the Rolling Stones song goes, just paint it all black.11

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