Best Wedding Reception Food

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Informal character, the possibility of exploring endless ways of decorations and creativity rank the wedding receptions held on the beach in the most bohemian category of themes. Beyond all this, a menu composed of specific elements of the marine landscape, such as shellfish and algae, completes a marriage ceremony on the beach. The best wedding reception food in this context will be the crowning of creativity and elegance.

 Best Wedding Reception Food (Source:

Best Wedding Reception Food (Source:

Appetizers – from shrimp to sashimi
Masters of kitchens all over the world recommend serving shrimp cocktails with grapefruit and avocado in refined martini glasses, completed with ice cubes for an appetizer, in keeping with the marine theme chosen. Oysters served in shells, sashimi, sushi and seaweed salad are just some examples of seafood that can be successfully added in a seafood buffet for wedding. An originally Spanish recipe, the gazpacho is an assortment of soup which can be successfully included in a menu. Its serving is carried out either in traditional bowls or cups. Skewers of seasonal fruit such as melon or pineapple are a great way to open a festive moment that marks a new stage in the life of couples. You have a variety of colors and shapes at your hand, so it would be a real shame not to use it. Also, it matters a lot the way you serve the plates, arrangement of the food in plate. Be attentive with these details and your menu will finally be a piece of art.

Vegetables and white meat, ingredients of main course
The warm season is appropriate for barbecues of fresh vegetables, like peppers, tomatoes or corn, dipped through a generous layer of butter and coupled with Cajun spices and other herbs. Seasoned with wild rice and jasmine, spicy chicken with rosemary and tuna fish are also suitable for the main course food. The best wedding reception food must always keep in mind the location of the wedding, the season and the theme. Not respecting these aspects, the food might be viewed as inappropriate. You must bring on guests’ tables the Mediterranean flavors, tasty and easy to captivate the mind and entice the taste buds. The marine menu must be easy, without too much fatty dishes, with fish and chicken and based on the principle fresh, healthy and active.

 Best Wedding Reception Food (Source:

Best Wedding Reception Food (Source:

Berries – the heart of the dessert
Being light fruits, berries dominate the majestic mountains in the hot season, so serving them with fresh whipped cream, powdered sugar or additional is one of the most common marine desserts of the wedding. The traditional wedding cake can be successfully substituted by the famous “Strawberry Shotcake” together with refreshing cookies with lemon cream and mint sorbet.


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