Best Wedding Favors For This Year

Gifts | June 27 2014 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Wedding favors are the take-away ‘thank-you-for-coming’ gifts the couples send off to their guests. They do well toning up the frivolous trifles in wedding receptions and evening parties and speak well for the couple if chosen carefully. 2014 comes with creativity. People are stepping up creativity to add a new twist to the frivolities that accompany weddings. This means that there is more product personalization, to reflect the characteristics of the couple as well as the guests. Trends are moving away from the mini photo frames with couples’ photo on them for memento, and away from tiny take-away wine bottles into new trends that usher in edible wedding favors.

Best wedding favors for this year

Edibles include small portions of savory treats you can give guests to take home, packaged in customized packages tagged with name tags. The season talks of brownies in mason jars, chocolate bars, Zeppole deserts, sweets that may be distributed for people to have while they are yet waiting for wine or barbeque at evening parties, candy bars, fudge and much more. A 2014 bride may also go for durable mementos that the guest would not even think of trashing once they get home, such as treasured classic or vintage patterned key bottle openers, egg stones, or plastic/glass boxes with colored marbles inside, perhaps wrapped in vintage lush floral boxes complete with ribbons, glitter gold boxes, patterned packages or upscale rustic burlap themed packages.

Gift favor ideas are hot and exciting this season, and with more personalization and creativity the couple’s signature, guests are sure to feel a personal ‘thank-you’ at weddings this season.

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  1. evalys trendy

    August 18, 2014 at 11:58 pm

    very cute. I like this, the love birds give me a pure and untouchable feeling.

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