Best Flowers For April Wedding

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What better time of year to get married than a superb enchanting spring month? If you’re afraid that A March day might be a bit too cold for your personal preference, you can easily choose the April month!

Not too chilly and not too hot and burning, an April day can make the most wonderful time for a romantic unforgettable wedding! When it comes to the best flowers for an April wedding, brides have a wider range of possibilities. Among the most popular types of seasonal fresh flowers available for an April wedding are narcissuses, tulips, peonies, daffodils, carnations, cornflowers, poppies, asters, gerbera daises, chrysanthemums, stocks, birds of paradise, calla lilies, lavender, anemones, sweet peas, cosmos, lilies of the valley, iris, gladiolas, amaryllis, orchids, euphorbias, proteas, lilacs, alliums, rosemary, heathers, forsythias, star gazer lilies, agapanthus, cosmos, antirrhinums, gardenias, hyacinth, waxflowers, crocus, blue lace, sunflowers, mint, cherry blossoms, veronicas, nerines, muscari, assorted lilies or viburnums.

The most used types of flowers for April wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, corsages or boutonnieres are daises, tulips, daffodils, peonies, garden roses, gladiolas, sweet peas, orchids, calla lilies, iris, lavender, hydrangeas or cherry blossoms. April is great because it is the time of the year when the nature comes to life again and the colors are more alive than ever. If we are to help you in selecting the most fashionable and trendy colors for spring time wedding flowers, them we should tell you that they actually split in two main groups: the natural skin toned colors and the bold vibrant ones.

When choosing the best flowers for an April wedding the brides should think of the most suitable colors as well. It all depends on what character, location and color-scheme one chooses for the wedding. For example, if the wedding is going to take place in a more natural environment such as in a botanical garden, in a country rural side, on a field, in a public park, on a tropical beach shore or on a mountain, then brides should definitely opt for an outdoor wedding bouquet composed of mango calla lilies, orchids, pink peonies, yellow or green roses, fuchsia star gazer lilies, multi colored gerbera daises, sunflowers, apricot or red tulips, lavender, daffodils or cream gladiolas.

An April wedding day has to shine with vibrant colors and romantic fragrances and that is why you have to choose the most vibrant, dynamic, feminine, delicate and sweet types of spring flowers that exist on the market. You can use to decorate the wedding cake with fresh April flowers for a more organic, natural, fragrant, colorful, cheerful and eye-catching look. Assort the wedding flower arrangements with the color of your wedding dress for a more unified and themed wedding.11

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