Best Country Wedding Songs For A Slide Show

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There is a custom that many wedding couples use while celebrating their wedding party:  the photo slide show, which each couple prefer to organize it in their own personalized way. Some couples are using photos from the times when they were singles to the day they have met, other couples leave this slide show on the hands of someone from their family, where they can be surprised with photos long time forgotten, such as the photos from their childhood and teen age period and reaching to the days they had first laid eyes on each other. The point of this slide show is bringing back a time of their lives, the time with which they will not meet again and when is the best time to say fare well to those days, if not the time of the wedding day?

But according to some the moments of these slide shows often seem too boring and dull, the couple not knowing exactly when to put an end to it. Well, they may be right, and in this case some tips are good to be considered: the shorter it is the more interesting it is, the slide show should not last more than 3 songs that are appropriately chosen for the show while the photos revealed arouse an emotional response, the couples should keep in mind the thought that not everybody in the photos is recognizable to the guests  and last, but not least do not suffocate the show with useless words; just few brief details are enough to accompany a photos slide show.

best-country-wedding-songs-for-a-slide-showAnd now going back to the music that is playing as a background to the slide show. Generally, the instrumental music is most favored, but if the couple has preferences regarding a certain style of music that involves vocals, they have to choose songs that reflect their taste but not in a noisy manner that might  induce a state of discomfort to the participants. It is better in this case to select ballads or slow, soft tunes that are at the same time in close relation to the photos presented in the slide show.

For the couples who are into country music style, there are plenty of choices to pick from the country hits charts. The best country wedding songs for a slide show have to be in a total communion with the photos, expressing the emotions comprised in the photos. For example you can not play country love songs if the photos displayed are about childhood and so on. But in this slide show one way or another you will reach the moments of love and the moments when you two have met each other and for these photos here are some country music suggestions: “Love me tender” – Elvis Presley, “Walk the line” – Johnny Cash, “Forever and ever, amen” – Randy Travis, “You belong with me” – Taylor Swift, “I do cherish you” – performed by Mark Wills and the list can go on and on.

The best country wedding songs for a slide show are as many as you wish to be, all depends merely on who is organizing the slide show and the photos that are to be displayed.11

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