Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cake Topper

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With a story so well known worldwide because of its uniqueness, surely you and your lover if you like pretty much the love story of the Beauty and the Beast with a happy ending, you can use the beauty and the beast as a topper on your wedding cake.

Beauty and the Beast, a production of Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1991, is the 30-performance series of animated films considered classics bearing the signature of this company. Released in cinemas on November 22, 1991 and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures, is an adaptation of the popular fairy tale with the same title, in the center of the story is a beautiful woman held captive in a castle by a horrible monster. It was the first – and only until now – that cartoon was nominated for an Oscar for best film picture, and not last because of the phrase on the poster “The most beautiful love story ever told.”

The film adaptation of the fairy-tale was made by Linda Woolverton, is directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk provided by Wise. One of the most important chapters – the soundtrack, with which the film has won enormous popularity – is composer Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, who managed to find exactly the right musical phrases, without which the final production was certainly much poorer. Following the trend established with the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast in turn proved a colossal success Boxoffice, with revenues exceeding 146 million dollars. So, if your desire is to have the beauty and the beast as a topper on your wedding cake, you can also choose to use the music from this story at your wedding to be even more original.

Moreover, during that time has established itself as the most successful Disney production until then. And the awards did not arrive late, Beauty and the Beast won the Oscar for best soundtrack and best song (the song at the end of the movie, “Beauty and the Beast”, sung by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson). In 2002 the USA Library Congress included the film in the archive of the National Film Registry, considering it an important cultural production.

The beautiful girl from the love story is unhappy with her life in a provincial town of France, which attempts to rebut the evidences of affection of the proudling Gaston. In one day, her father wanders in the forest and reached an abandoned castle, where a prisoner was fierce Beast (voiced by Robby Benson). The girl realizes that something has happened, start looking for the father and get to the dark castle where she is willing to stay in exchange for her father’s freedom. Between the beautiful bold and lonely Beast was born a love story that conquers any spell. The Beast is a prince transformed into a ferocious animal with a spell because he could not love. Destinies of the two paths.

To break the spell, the Beast must win the love of the beautiful girl, otherwise is likely to remain so forever. Belle says to the dying Beast that truly loves him and the spell is broken. The Beast restored in a prince, the dark castle becomes beautiful again and the objects are people again as they were before, all this happening in a total joy and a feast in which the good and the love defeated every obstacle. I think this is a lovely story and you will not make a mistake using the beauty and the beast as a topper, on the contrary your wedding cake will become unforgetable for everyone.11

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  1. Jacqueline Stiner

    January 25, 2013 at 8:15 am

    I am looking for a wedding cake topper Beauty and the Beast. The prince and Belle in her yellow dress, not the Beast I need to know the Price and where I can purchase it.

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