Beautiful Wedding Locations

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Beautiful wedding locations are found everywhere on this planet, therefore it is pretty difficult to create a top of the most amazing locations on Earth, suitable for a wedding, since there are so many. But it is not that difficult to see what are the best places for an event like this in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Egypt or Japan. Well, in this article, we have decided to see and present a few words about the most perfect wedding locations in the United States.

And we start with a destination that is selected by many American and foreign couples: Hawaii. Why not say ‘I do’ in Hawaii? By doing this, not only that you will make your guests happy, but you will also have the possibility of spending your honeymoon in the same location.

Another option is represented by Niagara Falls, a city found in New York, and which is the perfect location for some amazing wedding photos. Niagara Falls is mainly known as a honeymoon spot, but this does not mean that a happy couple cannot organize their wedding there; this city is well-equipped for hosting weddings, being represented by plenty of wedding venues.

Beautiful Wedding Locations

Beautiful Wedding Locations (Photo by: allisonmseward12)

And how about reciting your vows in the Redwood Forest, California? Whole California is a great place for a wedding, but the Redwood Forest has something in addition; there, happy couples will encounter wineries, incredible restaurants, unspoiled wilderness and all sorts of surfing opportunities. Plus, they can get married in one of the most natural environments ever, being surrounded by the tallest trees on Earth. According to what couples who got married there said, getting married in the Redwood Forest is about the next best thing to having your religious ceremony organized somewhere ‘on the back of a blue whale’.

Orlando is another good option in the US. Weddings organized in this city, in Florida, can benefit of outdoor gazebos, country clubs, garden settings, bed-and-breakfast venues, accommodating staff, knowledgeable waiters and waitresses, friendly restaurant managers and wise reverends. Many wedding vendors activating in Orlando are set to make every wedding seem like a Disney fairytale.

For those who plan a formal wedding in the United States, we recommend getting married at the Huntsville Museum of Art, in Alabama. This is a modern space that offers 4 versatile settings for saying those 2 magical words (‘I do’), plus a large outdoor patio, that will most certainly be remembered by the wedding guests.

Finally, for those adventurous couples, there is nothing like Alaska. Getting married on a glacier, surrounded by mountains, is both bold and crazy. An affair like this will cost happy couples enough, this is why we recommend Alaska to those who plan an intimate wedding; if the happy couple and their guests do not live in Alaska, getting there will cost them a lot, so if they want to keep their expenses low, happy couples should invite just a few friends and family members.


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