Beautiful Traditional Wedding Dresses From Around The World

Those beautiful white wedding gowns created by famous designers are attractive for every bride-to-be around the world. Still, nowadays, the wedding dresses became less personal and more commercial. Don’t get us wrong, they are still beautiful, but there are some brides who desire to have an original approach on their wedding outfit. It is very interesting to observe how there are not two brides in the whole world who look the same. Of course, they all tend to obsess about their wedding dress shape, length, and color, but each of them embraces different traditions depending on their family and culture and each of them celebrates the most special day of their lives in their own way.

If you want to get inspired and spice up your wedding with an original outfit, you came to the right place. Get ready to be surprised by incomparable details and unique designs of the most beautiful traditional wedding dresses from around the world.


The traditional wedding dress from Morocco illustrates the charming and unique heritage of the country. Even if it is hard to choose only one dress for your special day, the Morocco’s wedding gown is a “sight for sore eyes” and will offer you multiple possibilities. It is well-known that the brides from Morocco change their gowns up to seven times on their wedding day and, of course, one of the dresses must be white. Still, the wedding dress for the ceremony is a long robe (also known as caftan) made of silk, chiffon, or other rich fabrics, covered with a jacket. The dresses have embroidery; they are open on the bottom side and have a wide waist belt with heavy jewelry on it.


Macedonians have beautiful and colorful traditions. The wedding dress design comes from really old traditions and usually have has colors such as black, gold and (the most important) red – a specific color for Mijaks, an ethnographic group of Macedonians. In fact, the wedding dress of the Macedonian girls is made from over 45 parts that weight quite a lot – over 50 pounds (how does the bride dance?!). In addition to all that, the brides add a white veil, on top of which they usually put a flower crown. The outfit might seem difficult to wear, but it is simply adorable.


The traditional wedding dress for the Japanese women is none other than their beautiful and well-known kimono. This time, the kimono the brides wear during the ceremony must be white, with a special silk headdress called tsunokakushi. The symbolic usage of this headdress is to transform the bride into a gentle and obedient wife. After the ceremony, Japanese women will change into a more colorful dress, embroidered with delicate flowers and cranes, as it is believed that powerful colors bring luck and happiness in a marriage.


PHOTO malaysian_wedding_dress
The Malaysian wedding dress design varies from region to region. The wedding dresses all around Malaysia can be in any color one can imagine. Still, all of them are made from really beautiful embroidery and different types of jewelry and precious stones. In most of the Malaysian regions, but not in all of them, the brides wear a headpiece which looks like a crown and has the purpose of showing the world how important the bride is and that on her wedding day she is the queen of her household. And because Malaysia is a Muslim country, most of the brides include hijab into their wedding outfits.


The Chinese wedding dresses are usually red combined with white. These colors are believed to bring love and prosperity in the marriage of the newlyweds. Moreover, the dresses (also known as Qi Pao) are red Chengasm and have either a gold dragon or a phoenix, strong symbols of the Chinese culture. Usually, the groom wears a red outfit with gold traditional symbols as well. It is absolutely forbidden for both the bride and the groom to wear colors such as black, dark blue, or gray as it is believed that they will bring sorrow and bad luck in the new marriage.


Nigerian wedding dresses are happy and colorful. Usually, the majority of the Nigerians brides chose to wear the traditional Igbo wedding attire. Their dresses are made from two pieces: a lace blouse with numerous details and bright colors and a caftan skirt wrapped around their body (also in a really bright color). In their culture, the brighter the outfit, the more beautiful the bride. The dress is also accessorized with awesome head ties and amazing coral bead.


Because the wedding ceremony lasts for three days, the bride will change three different outfits. Beforehand, during the cleansing and beauty treatments, the brides have to wear traditional green dresses; the next day, as they attend the hair dressers, they wear a red dress with gold strings. Every time they are in public, they need to wear different gold veils and gold jewelry. They have to wear as many as possible (must be really heavy!), actually, they have to wear every single piece of gold jewelry they possess. On their wedding day, the brides from Yemen usually wear gold and white veils and a marvelous and spectacular headpiece.


The Korean wedding dresses are among the most spectacular wedding outfits around the world. Even if in nowadays the Korean brides prefer to wear the well-known Western white gowns as their main dresses during the wedding ceremony, most of them change into the traditional outfits for the reception. In South Korea, the brides wear the Hanbok, while in North Korea they wear the Josenon-ot. Both gowns need to have vibrant colors and simple lines with no pockets. The dresses are made from two different pieces: a chima (skirt) on top of which they add a short jacket with really long sleeves (jegory).