Beautiful Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | April 17 2020 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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Although the majority of the brides today prefer to wear a strapless wedding dress on the big day, it seems that every year appear more and more stunning styles made with gorgeous sleeve patters. We always thought that a beautiful sleeve wedding dress is meant to fit more properly the elegant type of woman who is always interested in looking clean, impeccable and dainty. There is no doubt that a pair of sleeves or gloves is able to offer both coverage for the skin and more elegance to the overall appearance of the bride.


However, the number of brides who decide after all to opt for a sleeved wedding dress is not increasing at all. As we said before, there are special categories of brides who will always prefer a wedding dress with sleeves over a strapless design because they wish to look more dramatic, more formal and dandy on the wedding ceremony day. Nevertheless, we are convinced that once you get to see these wonderful pictures of beautiful sleeve wedding dresses posted below on this page you will completely change your mind about these types of dresses.

In general, when brides think of sleeved wedding dresses the first thing that comes to their minds is that old fashion and dated type of gown designed with long evasive and large long sleeves. Well, the good news is that nowadays the majority of the dresses made with sleeves are not traditional anymore! They look more beautiful, inspiring and romantic than they ever did before. As you can see in these photos, the dresses we’re presenting you are very elevated and refined in design, while the sleeves are there only to bring more femininity, style and high class to the overall designs.

There is no doubt that these splendid creations are highly elegant, sophisticated and very attractive. They can make a super outfit selection for both traditional and contemporary brides who want to wear something more fashionable and yet classy on the wedding day. Another preconception that many women have today regarding sleeved wedding dresses is related to the fact that these styles are more suitable or only adequate for encore brides or for mature brides-to-be.

This is one of the most erroneous views on a wedding dress with sleeves! Of course, we can not deny the fact that an elegant older bride would look more “decent”, gallant and well-dressed in a sleeved wedding gown, as well as a second time bride. However, we can not generalize and say that all sleeved wedding dresses are meant to fit only women who have passed their first youth. These sensational beautiful sleeve wedding dresses you can see on this page can even make a gorgeous alternative to a strapless gown because they are incredibly sophisticated, stylish and fashionable!

We suppose that connoisseurs have already guessed who made these remarkable and appealing gowns! The designer of these phenomenal and simply spectacular beautiful sleeve wedding dresses is no one else but the famous haute couturier Franc Sarabia. If you want to see more of this designer’s unique creations look for his newest 2011 bridal collection!11

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  1. Isabella

    December 14, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    I believe that strapless dresses are totally overrated. Not all women have a well trained body or that slim figure needed for a strapless dress. And brides are the same. They are different. And thus their desires are different. So I’m very glad to see here an article and some photos of wedding dresses with sleeves. These here are amazing and not quite what I have expected when I first read the title of the article. They surpass my expectations. These sleeves are so naturally bound to the dresses – and I especially refer here to the dress in the first picture – that they give the gowns femininity and elegance in a very pleasant way.

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