Beautiful Buttercream Wedding Cakes

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Contrary to what many might think of the butter cream wedding cake, namely that it is rather traditional and old fashioned than modern, hot and trendy, this type of frosting has made a great comeback during the last few years. No one can deny that a butter cream wedding cake is more delicious, organic, refreshing, natural and appetizing than the fondant, royal icing or marzipan wedding cake.

This type of frosting has gained many followers among modern wedding cake designers and couples who wanted something more natural, tasty and mouth melting to serve their wedding guests. And that is how most brides and grooms today prefer a yummy beautiful buttercream wedding cake instead of a fondant tasteless wedding cake. Even so, those of you who fancy more the smooth texture and finish of a fondant wedding cake can ask the baker if he can place a layer of butter cream underneath the fondant for more taste.

It’s true that a butter cream wedding cake doesn’t looks as sleek, soft and fine as a flawless fondant wedding cake, but these days, people prefer eating something more tasty, qualitative and organic. People learned in the last years that the taste of the wedding cake is as important as the looks and vice versa. But let’s see what types of designs, shapes, colors and decorations you can choose for a truly beautiful buttercream wedding cake!

The most popular and common types of designs for butter cream wedding cakes are the piped or the swirls styles, featuring piped dots or polka dot patterns, piped calligraphy, flowers, branches, grass or vine piping, scroll designs, lattice, swags, stripes, basketweaves, geometrical patterns, hearts, initials, bandings or monograms.

You can ornate a beautiful butter cream wedding cake with edible fondant ribbons, bandings, ropes, bows, gum paste or rolled chocolate flowers motifs or royal icing ornaments. Deco art pattern make another excellent choice for beautiful butter cream wedding cake designs, perfect for vintage, retro, antique or period weddings. You can choose an ice cub shape for a cosmopolitan wedding, a square one for a more elegant and classy wedding, and oval or a round shape for a more feminine, romantic, delicate and refined wedding. As for the flavors and colors, simple white vanilla cream cakes are not the only ones that can be chosen for a wedding. Try something different.

Use exquisite flavors of almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate, cream cheese, mocha or fruit compotes made from lime, mint, mango, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, coconuts, oranges, apples or pears. In general, butter cream wedding cakes are more suitable for cold season or indoor weddings.

Avoid bringing a sweet fluffy textured butter cream wedding cake to a summer outdoors wedding otherwise you might assist it while melting on the floor under the hot sunrays. A great thing about buttercream wedding cakes is that they are more economical and therefore more affordable to any type of wedding budget than fondant or marzipan wedding cakes for example.11

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  1. Holly Bowers

    May 01, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    I was just surfing and came across your blog. Actually the first cake in this aricle is my cake! 🙂 It may look like fondant but it was actually buttercream using a faux fondant technique with the stripes and wrap being made from fondant. So you can have a buttercream cake with the look of fondant – check out my site for more examples!

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