Beach Wedding Reception Centerpieces

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A beach wedding triggers great emotions only when you hear someone speaking about it. But you have to know that from planning a beach wedding reception to having the most exquisite reception party that you have ever dreamed of is a long way. You need to find the best beach wedding locations, then vendors, then you have to travel to that location along with your wedding guests and much, much more.

Luckily for those who plan a destination wedding, organized on a beach somewhere, all that they have to do is to book a room at a hotel in that location, and then follow the advice provided by the concierge there. The representatives of all the hotels found in exotic locations are trained to provide their customers with everything they could desire, including names of wedding vendors. So if a marrying couple will want to know some wedding decorators, for example, the front desk staff at a hotel should be able to recommend several decorators activating in that area.

However, if the couple does not want to address wedding vendors and they want to organize their wedding in their own way, without being helped by others, they can always consider these next ideas that we have for those planning a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Beach Wedding Reception Centerpieces (Photo by: Caitlin Regan)

The first idea is to use the benefits provided by the sand in that location. God knows that there are tons of sand on a beach and that you can take several grams to enhance your table settings, because sand is free for everybody (as long as you do not take it from a private beach). Use that sand in small trays, that will be used as table centerpieces, and also as guest books. Why use the ordinary guest books that everybody knows, when you have the possibility of being extraordinary? Let your guests write their wishes of well for you on some small pieces of paper, that will be placed in those trays full of sand. At the end of the wedding, you and your partner will have the joy of discovering all those messages covered by sand.

Another idea is to use some pearl-colored calla lilies and roses, surrounded by candles, nestled into sand-filled glass vessels. Here is how, one more time, sand plays an important role at a beach wedding. Instead of roses, the happy couple could use some more exotic blooms, such as cymbidium orchids, red cone ginger and King protea, all of them plants that grow in exotic locations.

But sand is not the only element used with success at a beach wedding; happy couples who plan destination weddings should choose also to use the beautiful color palette provided by that location where the wedding will be held. And if we talk about beach weddings, clearly the most impressive color that has to be considered is blue. So choose some nautical centerpieces in case of planning a beach wedding, by purchasing blue hydrangeas, chrysanthemums and dahlias, placed in galvanized buckets, if you want to create fragrant centerpieces that will remind your guests of the open sea. In case of such idea, one could also use some small lanterns, reminiscent of some old lighthouses.


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