Beach Wedding Dress For Older Bride

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Regardless of age, every bride wants to look effortlessly beautiful at her wedding. Not all brides are young and restless, however. The desire of looking timelessly elegant and unique is shared by older brides too. Many fashion bridal designers say that they feel challenged by creating flattering dresses for mature brides. In most cases, brides who are over 40 years prefer something chic and elegant, something that can reflect their personality and taste in fashion. It’s true that older brides have a more mature sense of style. This is what determines them to pick a more “decent” type of dress.

Strapless designs are nowadays worn by both young and older brides. But the majority of the mature brides want a gown that offers more coverage for their skin. Not all women feel comfortable knowing that everybody will be able to see their feet and shoulders. There are bashful and modest brides who like classic cloths that fully cover their shoulders, arms and legs. It doesn’t have to be a too traditional outfit, however. You can replace the conventional long sleeves with ¾ sleeves and the high neck with a chic halter-cut neck. As for the length, anything that falls between the knee and ankle can fit an older woman.

Beach Wedding Dress For Older Bride

Beach Wedding Dress For Older Bride (Photo by: Faylyne)

Ankle length frocks are often chosen by vintage-inspired brides. This style looks dainty and chic on those who have passed their 20s! But we’ve seen beautiful knee length gowns created by our designers exclusively for this category of brides. The models are simple and decent, yet more brightly colored. Something’s got to make the difference, and that is the color. Both vibrant and pastel tones are in trend. But if you want a hot look, choose a metallic tone for your dress. Silver, platinum, bronze, gold, pewter, ruby and electric blue are just a few examples of jewel tones you can choose from for your wedding gown. Take into consideration the venue when selecting the style and color of your dress. For instance, if you’re having a seaside ceremony, choose a light colored dress made of an airy type of fabric. Many old couples prefer to wed at the beach and spend a relaxed, laid-back ceremony and reception.

The elaborated ball-gown may not be the best choice for a casual ocean wedding or for a mature bride. Keep your look simple and natural. Wear a long, flowing dress with a clean line. Consider your body-shape when choosing the dress. You may like the mermaid gown style, but you need to have the perfect figure to wear it. Forget about the long train, long traditional veil and sky-heel shoes. You can wear white or add a splash of color to your attire for a more unique, youthful look.


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