Beach Wedding Cake Ideas

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Beach wedding is a very romantic theme, but must be carefully planned, step by step. Every aspect of the ceremony should be well thought out, starting with the dress and ending with the cake. Here are some beach wedding cake ideas.

One of the favorite elements on beach weddings is shells. They can be easily incorporated into a wedding cake. Shellfish can be made ​​of icing, marzipan, chocolate (dark, milk or white) or other sweets. Shells can be used key or subtle elements for the cake’s design. If you want to use them as additional items, then must be crafted in natural colors, in this way avoiding to overshadowing the main elements. Consider using shells with real flowers like and roses for an elegant and natural pattern.

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The sea creatures are part of the inspiration for beach wedding cake ideas. For example, any brides who love dolphins want for the cake’s peak waves of white chocolate and chocolate dolphins rising from it. You can even create a cake in the shape of a pearl shell. This may have inside a miniature bride and groom, wedding rings or any other wedding symbols. Other marine creatures that can be included in the design are seahorses, mermaids or sea stars. The most delicious sand castle that you may be able to taste can be your wedding cake. It may take the form of a sand castle with all the details you can imagine and is the perfect choice for a happy couple. If you want a sand castle made ​​ in natural colors, you can use brown sugar instead of sand and seashells around the base.

Beach Wedding Cake Ideas

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Think about where the wedding will take place and find, starting from it, beach wedding cake ideas. For example, a picturesque lighthouse, a small bay or an alley of palm trees, all can be decorations for your cake. 11

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