Beach Theme Wedding Centerpiece

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If you’re having a beach-themed wedding, creating suitable centerpieces should be an easy task. These centerpieces can be created very fast, using only a few elements and have the advantage of looking exquisite even though they are not at all complicated or expensive. A beach-themed wedding tends to be casual, so you can create arrangements that provide the same feeling of relaxation.

The creation of beach theme wedding centerpieces should start from analyzing the motifs that can be included. Usually, seashells, palm trees, sand and flip-flops are elements that remind of beach venues and are used in a form or another to decorate the reception place. They can be combined in many ways and will look wonderful in the middle of the tables.

Beach Theme Wedding Centerpiece (Source:

Beach Theme Wedding Centerpiece (Source:

For example, sand can be used with seashells to embellish guests’ tables. You need a glass container in which you will have to pour white sand and then sprinkle many small and large seashells. However, sand doesn’t have to be placed in a container to look wonderful. You can place it directly on the table and then stick a pillar candle in the center. Beautify the decoration’s appearance by sprinkling seashells around the candle.

Use large glass jars to emphasize the beauty of seashells and sand dollars. Fill each container with a mix of seashells and sand dollars and tie a colored ribbon around each jar. Make the decoration spectacular by arranging several tea lights around the centerpiece.

Beach Theme Wedding Centerpiece (Source:

Beach Theme Wedding Centerpiece (Source:

Buy sea glass in pretty colors and display it on a silver tray then place some candles on top of this wonderful arrangement. Alternatively, make an arrangement of pillar candles with different heights and surround it with large seashells filled with sea glass.

If you want to use floating candles in your centerpieces, buy glass bowls and fill them with water then place inside floating candles in the desired shape and color. You must know that there are numerous floating candles with shapes that remind of the beach. They can have the form of flip-flops, palm trees and seashells and they look equally beautiful. This wedding theme offers you so many possibilities of decorating the reception place that you will surely find something interesting and special.


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