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Weddings are supposed to be happy events which remain  forever in our lives as beautiful memories. In order to make them special, we seek for the perfect options that will fulfil our desires. Many couples choose to celebrate their wedding in exotic or romantic places therefore many wedding planning agencies have started developing packages with exotic destinations. The most beautiful and charming place to have a wedding for me is the Bahamas and through this article I will try to describe what does planning a wedding in the Bahamas mean.
Generally, weddings in the  Bahamas leave you breathless due to their elegance, grace, luxury and especially due to the peaceful environment. The first thing that captures the attention is the setting: gorgeous islands , quiet beaches and  waters of  a calm transparence with a variety of colors from clear turquoise to pale green. In addition to this, there is the unique architecture that attracts your immediate attention  and some of the finest resorts in the world. But you shouldn’t panic at the thought that all this peace and serenity also means lack of technique. Not at all. You  will find here all the conveniences of modern life and also warm and friendly people always ready to give you a hand and make you feel as comfortable as they can.

With many years of experience, the wedding  planning in Bahamas has become a sort of art , which is attentively enriched with new ideas. Thousands of couples from every continent have trusted these  agencies to design their perfect Bahamas wedding. Every wedding is special and unique and the wedding planners know that and try to adapt themselves to their clients’ requests. Every little detail is analyzed in order to be perfect: the perfect setting, the right person to perform the ceremony, cakes, flowers , transportation and all that is needed to mark this special day as perfect.

Also when talking about a wedding in Bahamas we have to take into account certain legal fact. For example couples who want to get married in Bahamas should be aware of the fact that you have to be in Nassau (capital of Bahamas) at least 24 hours before applying for your Marriage License. A question that torments many brides is if the marriage performed in Bahamas is legal and recognized in all countries ?  Of course the answer is yes, this giving new brides the possibility to be one step closer to their dream wedding.

These are the fun and beautiful aspects of a Bahamas wedding but we also have to be aware of the less enjoyable ones. We all now that for  the wedding of our dreams we have to be prepared to spend lots of money. But when talking about a Bahamas wedding, we have to be spiritually  prepared to spend much more money  than with a regular wedding.

So a useful advice to all newly engaged: Start saving up big bucks!

To conclude, this article has tried to present a  different perspective to traditional weddings; a much more enjoyable and beautiful setting for the perfect wedding but which also requires a much bigger budget. But this must not discourage young couples because fortune can be quickly acquired while memories remain for life.11

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