Baguette Diamond Men Wedding Rings

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When it comes to wedding rings or jewelries in general, men can get a little bit more pretentious and exigent than brides. And the thing is that there are grooms who adore the idea of wearing a more unique, attractive and distinctive type of wedding ring, and grooms who are not at all into these types of jewelries. In this article we are going to present you a few images of baguette diamond men wedding rings that we think you might like.

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Those interested in wearing something really imposing, masculine and elegant will surely fall in love with these one-of-a-kind styles that we found on the internet and though you might find attractive and suitable for your own wear. Diamonds remain the most popular types of stones that can be incorporated in a modern wedding ring, for both brides and grooms. This is exactly why we though to present you here a few of our favorite types of baguette diamond men wedding rings. Who knows, perhaps you will be able to find something adequate as style or price for you.

But before you make any decision towards going for this type of ring, we must tell you something more about this unique and precious type of diamond cut which is the baguette cut. We also invite you to browse on our website or anywhere else on the internet in learning more about this phenomenal and original diamond cut, just to be sure that you’ve made the best decision in the end. The baguette cut diamond was introduced for the first time in France somewhere between 1920 and 1930.

This diamond shape appeared as an answer to the era’s predominant geometrical patterns used in architecture and in many other artistic fields. In wedding rings, this type of cut was introduced as a more impressive, unique and elegant alternative to other rectangular diamond cuts such as the emerald cut. If we are to define a baguette cut diamond wedding ring we would say that it has a rectangular shape that comes from the French baguette bread, similar to a stick. This type of diamond was predominantly used in the early 20th century when many types of jewelries were adorned with baguette cut diamonds.

Firstly these types of stones were used as accents to larger stones or to artistic patterns and embroideries in jewelries, until they were finally incorporated in wedding rings as solitaire stones. The simple, clean and geometrical lines, cuts and shape of the baguette cut were and still are very appreciated, especially among wealthy couples and critics. Today you can find a baguette diamond men wedding ring made with a modern design or with a more authentic antique pattern, depending on your own preferences.11

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