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Remember the once famous Backstreet Boys? They created a huge phenomenon since their first appearance on stage. Maybe their glory has passed and their fans have grown up, but the music of the 5 Backstreet Boys is still out there.

The boys were handsome and had beautiful voices and some pretty good songs. The following Backstreet Boys songs can make a great choice for your first wedding dance song or for the reception.

Spanish Eyes

This is a great song especially if one of you has Spanish origins. There is a lot of beauty and passion in the lyrics of this Backstreet Boys song. “It’s a place I’ve never been / And it comes from deep within / And it’s telling me that I’m about to win first prize / Knowing all I have to do is reach out my hand to you/ Anytime I want to look into your Spanish eyes.”

I’ll Never Break Your Heart

This song really has a pop/adult contemporary sound.  The song is more mature and superior to their early singles such as As Long As You Love Me.  The tune is sweet, and lovely. This makes it a good wedding song. I’ll never break your heart/ I’lll never make you cry/ I’d rather die than live without you/ I’ll give you all of me/ Honey that’s no lie”.

Anywhere For You

This Backstreet Boys song could make a beautiful wedding song for the right couple. The lyrics are very nice to be told to your spouse “I’d go anywhere for you / Anywhere you asked me to / I’d do anything for you / Anything you want me to / Your love as far as I can see is all I’m ever gonna need.”

No One Else Comes Close

This is another beautiful song of the band. The lyrics are very suggestive: “No one else comes close to you / No one makes me feel the way you do / You’re so special girl to me / And you’ll always be eternally.” The melody is slow and pretty and perfect for a first wedding dance song.

I Promise You (With Everything I Am)

The title and lyrics of this song make it clear that it is appropriate for a wedding song: “I promise you / From the bottom of my heart / I will love you till death do us part / I will love you like I’ll never again / With everything I am.” This beautiful wedding song is a nice declaration of care and commitment for your future spouse.


I have left for the end a song that will get everybody on the dancefloor. It’s perfect to animate your wedding reception and to encourage your guests to shake their bodies. It was one of their most successful songs and their best video. It has a great tempo and good lyrics that will overcrowd the dancefloor.

These are some of the most successful Backstreet Boys wedding song choices. Make sure that you choose a song which defines the two of you as a couple. Your wedding song will remain very special to both of you, your first dance being the first thing to do after getting married.11

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