The Most Awaited Celebrity Weddings In 2014

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However long or short a celebrity marriage would last it would still be true that these celebrity weddings are much anticipated by everyone. From time to time, news about celebrities deciding to get married come and go. And, whenever news like this would appear, we just can’t help but stay updated. This year, let us take a look at some of the celebrities that are to walk down the aisle.

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West

Well, although Kim is not a first-timer in weddings (she’s been married two times and this will be her third time down the aisle), Kanye still wants the best for her. This is seen even from the moment Kanye proposed to her. The wedding will be done in Paris. Kim would surely have one of the finest weddings one could even have!

The Most Awaited Celebrity Weddings In 2014


Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston

One of the most sought out female celebrity will soon be married to her scriptwriter fiancée. Speculations about their summer wedding is buzzing all over Hollywood. Well, let’s see then!

Zayne Malik and Perrie Edwards

One Direction star Zayne Malik decided to tie the knot with his girlfriend, popstar Perrie Edwards. However, the exact date is not yet set for the both of them are too busy on their careers. But, both of them revealed that they would probably have a home wedding in UK or a wedding abroad. Oh well, Zayne must have broken a lot of young heart’s out there!

Interesting wedding bells ringin this year….there is nothing left for us but congratulate them all on their great nws and wait to see how they plan their future events!

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