Available Wedding Venues Caloocan

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Caloocan is a city in the Philippines, that comprises the Metro Manila region. This is a major residential area inside Metro Manila. Its official name is Makasaysayang Lungsod ng Kalookan and its motto, ‘Moving From Vision To Victory’. Caloocan also has a nickname and this is ‘The Only Divided City In The Philippines.’

Because it is located in a metropolitan area, Caloocan presents lots of wedding venues. The first one of them, is highly featured on tourism websites that present information on restaurants and hotels in Caloocan; this is Greenwich, the most appreciated wedding venue in this city. This lovely place is located at 10th Avenue Mabini in Caloocan, Luzon, Philippines, and serves especially Italian food, mainly pizza and lasagna. This restaurant is for those who want to organize an informal wedding, where guests do not have to wear a black tie to enjoy a wonderful time. In Greenwich, you can dress the way you want, obviously as long as you respect the common sense.

Available Wedding Venues Caloocan

Available Wedding Venues Caloocan (Photo by: Glen)

Orient Pearl Seafood Restaurant, located at 181 Macario Asistio Street, is a Filipino restaurant, where food tastes good, dishes are served hot and quick and where once in a while some new exotic food is offered to the public. This restaurant seems a little aged, although the equipment present there is updated to the modern times. However, if you want to pay by credit card, you will also pay a surcharge for using this option. The atmosphere inside this restaurant looks like the atmosphere in an old Chinese restaurant, with clean plates and glasses, lovely dining areas and interesting decorations.

Finally, a Cantonese restaurant: Luk Foo. This restaurant located on Samson Road serves delicious Cantonese dishes, that are consistent and very well made. Try the crystal prawn ball with Chinese bagoong, beef brisket, steamed fish with garlic and yang chow, and you will not be sorry.


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