Asking Friend To Do Flowers For Wedding

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The wedding day was almost there. We had it planned till the smallest detail, but the flower element we have left it aside on purpose. Partly because we have decided to have them in their fresh shape, and partly because a friend of mine dealing with a florist business was out of town. Of course, there were other options we could have taken into account, since there are so many vendors in this department, all willing to help and advice on your wedding floral decorations. But I took my chances in asking my friend to do flowers for wedding, because I feel quite at my ease in her presence, and besides there is this long friendship that ties us in a way that makes us open ourselves to each other.

Frankly, it comforted me the most the thought of sharing my ideas to a good friend of mine, especially that she for some time into the florist business. And anyway, since this detail is better to be fixed closer to the wedding day we couldn’t say that we were in such a hurry. So we waited till her arrival, five days prior to our wedding day and I approached her in this matter. I was surprised to see how many new things were there to know about the flowers meant for a wedding ceremony. My friend was well informed on this subject, since she had experience in assisting many weddings in this problem, so I let myself confidently into her hands.

asking-friend-to-do-flowers-for-weddingShe knew that I was a fan for roses and together we tried different approaches of these flowers regarding my bridal bouquet, the table decoration and the room decoration as well. As my wedding didn’t have a specific theme, due to the small budget available, it was simpler to find variations both for the roses’ color and their arrangements. She told me that for my classic wedding my choice for roses was the best because they symbolized innocence, love and passion, all these symbols being related, of course to the color. She has shown me some photos of her best floral arrangements and told me that if I had other ideas she was more than glad to listen to them.

The photos I have seen contained not merely roses, but combination of roses with other flowers or plants that took the ubiquitous aspect of roses out of the ordinary. After deciding on the combination of flowers she told me that I should better have a bouquet that complement the design of my wedding dress and we browsed again the photos that referred to the style of the bouquet and the length of it. The one we agreed upon was a small, stunning one that had a fresh and brilliant aspect. It was perfect for the moment when I was supposed to walk along the aisle.

Next step was the floral decorations meant to ornate the wedding reception table. We agreed on a combination of white and yellow roses and the style she chose fit exactly the width and the length of the table. I was very satisfied with her service and considering that all her assistance was also her gift for my wedding day, it turned out to be even better!11

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