Art Deco Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings are the symbol of the love a married couple has for each other. They represent the unity and commitment each of the spouses will bring in the marriage. And since each human is unique, each couple is unique too and will want their love represented in a way meant only for them. One of the most special kinds of wedding rings are the art deco rings. They have a wonderful combination of elegant contemporary and classic design. The art deco wedding rings are perfect for the couples who desire a timeless proof of their love with a distinct and sleek look.   

Art Deco Wedding Rings (Source:

Art Deco Wedding Rings (Source:

Starting in the 1925 the art deco trend was part of the industrial revolution and mot of all it represents the fascination people had with technology. If you are looking for an art deco wedding ring then you must first know some of the most important features like geometric shapes, repeating patterns, contrast, white gold or platinum, carving and three dimensional patterns. The apparel of this kind of wedding rings is fairly easy to recognize. They had platinum or white gold with brilliant diamonds set in square settings.  They often had contrasting gemstones to add color to the rings.

If you are searching for a real art deco wedding ring then the first thing you should consider is to look for a reputable seller. They most likely will have an authentic ring or they won’t lie about the ring being a reproduction. Another thing that can make you change your mind is the price. The real thing will probably have a higher price, so if the seller tells you the ring is authentic and the price is lower then others you might want to think again or just have it checked by a professional jeweler.

Art Deco Wedding Rings (Source:

Art Deco Wedding Rings (Source:

The reproductions of this kind of wedding rings are cheaper and a great way to have a ring made in the art deco style. They are easier to find and more or less as beautiful as the original.

Just to recap; if you are a couple who cherishes tradition but still wants to stand out with their wedding rings then the art deco wedding ring is for you. They are timeless and therefore will symbolize your love no matter what age you have. And last but not least, they are easier to find if they are reproductions and cost considerable less.  


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