Art Deco Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Dresses | June 18 2019 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Above everything that a wedding means, the essence of this unique and so important event in one’s life it represents a method to flabbergast. It is the opulence that must stand out and, remarkable details, shrill look in some cases just to have one of a kind wedding. Original is each and everyone with its personal style but when we add a doze of energy, craziness, free spirit and nonconformist style the result is beyond  words.
For many it is something that they would not want to have as part of their wedding, for others is the supreme beautifulness, fancy and chic style. One thing is sure: it is fashionable and dedicated to fearless ones. I am referring to art deco bridesmaid dresses. Why these dresses fallowing this style? Because even though modernism has invaded our life more and more the traditional appearance of a bride in the white dress is everything that a woman wants at her wedding. But the bridesmaids can wear any mixture of color.

First and foremost, the concept of art deco is about geometrically style influence- with round shapes, with accents in the mirror, symmetry, lines. Opulence, like I said, this style is a mixture of elements from futurism, from cubism and constructivism. In some words described the general concept, let’s see about the influence of this style in fashion, in outfit domain. It is about the material used, wood, leather- but shagreen, the copy of the row material-, zebra skin. As for the details used there are lots of lines, curves, the stepped forms.

Art deco bridesmaid dresses can come as the surprise at a wedding. They impress and caught the attention to the simple look. Based in general on motifs and creative figures such a dress preserves its elegant look as well as feminine. It is just something else, something new and not common design.

To be more specific I can exemplify you with some descriptions of dresses part of this category. For example, the cut of the dress preserves a sexy appearance, with a halter neckline type, but instead of straps or strings are used chains, and the material is a combination of colors and geometrical figures all over. Another option, another view of this concept: a dress using the motif of sunburst, with those magnificent colors gathered but preserving a base- for example purple and red nuances.

Daring, unconventional, modern and somehow informal. This is how the art deco dresses for maids of honors can be properly described. But what counts more is the appreciative look, the courage to break the eel and bring something innovative to a wedding. What is more spectacular is that it creates a totally new vision of the bridesmaids, a more stylish one.11

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