Antique lilies of the valley wedding bouquets New York

Wedding Decorations | February 19 2020 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

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Are you looking for a truly refreshing, delicate, gentle, romantic, timeless and fascinating old style wedding bouquet? Well then take a closer look to these pictures with antique lilies of the valley wedding bouquets that we’ve gathered here for you.

It’s not hard or easy to plan a classy vintage wedding bouquet. What you must do in the first place is to find the correspondent flowers that have a certain antique style in the appearance. From this point of view vintage kind of brides should not worry.

There are plenty types of flowers that can compose sensational antique or vintage inspired wedding flower bouquet and the most common ones are: peonies, anemones, freesias, ranunculus, sweet peas, gardenias, orchids, calla lilies, lavender, carnation, gerbera daises, dahlias, sunflowers, mums, asters, Billy Balls, Black Eyed Susan, delphiniums, magnolias, irises, lilacs, violets, amaryllis, lotus or gladiolas.

We’ve chosen lilies of the valley for this article, hopping that you will find a way to incorporate them into your one of a kind bridal bouquet. Because of the small length and stature of theses types of flowers you will see them incorporated or used in wedding bouquets as filler flowers.

But if you’re really planning on composing a breath-taking beautifully timeless antique wedding bouquet you should stick only to these types of flowers. Keep in mind that all-white weddings and a single type of flower wedding bouquets are in big fashion today. Besides the whitey antique colors, what other nuances can be suitable for a vintage looking flower arrangement?

Well, perhaps other pastel soft colored flowers in pale pinks, blushes, peach or corals, lime greens, meadow or emerald light green, vintage orange, scarlet red or tomato red, light violet, navy blue, mauve, turquoise, teal, cream, champagne, beige, coffee brown, chocolate brown, buttercup yellow or light citrus or lemon yellow can work beautiful for an antique themed wedding bouquet.

But now we should stick to our flower selection and although lilies of the valley only come in a pure white or a creamy-yellowish white shade they make a perfect choice for this type of bouquet. Lilies of the valley are capable of making a bride feel and look more natural, pure, innocent, feminine, graceful, stylish, dainty and chic.

Compared to other flowers, lilies of the valley have a powerful original fragrance that can’t be easily mistaken. So, what more can a bride wish for her wedding bouquet than to be classy, simple sophisticated, delicate, refined, natural looking, inspiring, antique, fragrant and romantic?

For the New Yorker bride who is planning a sensational outdoor classy and refined discreet or intimate wedding perhaps this type of bouquet can make a fascinating choice. An antique lilies of the valley wedding bouquet can also work wonderfully with any other type of location and bride.11

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