Anthurium wedding bouquets New York

Wedding Decorations | November 24 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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For the modern bride who is planning a wedding in New York or anywhere else where perhaps a stunning majestic elegant anthurium wedding bouquet can really help them break away from rules, traditions and help them make a personal statement on the day.

Unfortunately not too many brides are aware of the striking beauty and charm of this type of flower or are not aware of the fact that this flower exists and it is available for them to incorporate in their wedding bouquet or other décor arrangements.

The anthurium flower is an exotic type of flower and it is usually seen incorporated in beach bridal bouquets or used by destination kind of brides who are planning a more tropical and luxurious wedding. But this type of flower can really work on any other wedding context, location and theme.

As long as your wedding is going to be big, ample, elaborated, sophisticated, exquisite, select and totally elegant, we’re convinced that an anthurium wedding bouquet can truly look like a sensational inspired choice or alternative to other traditional or popular wedding flowers seen in every-day kind of weddings. This type of flower is also known as the “Flamingo flower”.

Nowadays tropical wedding flowers are becoming more and more appreciated and sought-after by contemporary brides who are planning a dainty stylish fancy seaside wedding.

The vibrant colors, the majestic height and the lavish blooms or petals of anthuriums make this type of flower perfect for an exotic or a sassy wedding. You can find anthurium in white shades, in yellow, fuchsia, pink or chartreuse. You will get the chance to see these types of flowers incorporated more often in large table arrangements or in large sophisticated bridal bouquets.

Usually paired with bird of paradise or calla lily flowers, anthuriums surely look great and fabulous in any type of big-flower-combination. With this flower assortment you don’t have to buy a bunch of flowers in order to create a rich wedding bouquet.

Use only a few stems of anthuriums and the bouquet is ready! With this in mind don’t worry that you’ll be spending more money on an exotic anthurium wedding bouquet than on a roses wedding bouquet. Choose to go different and you’ll be rejoicing at a successful modern wedding.

You can combine roses with these types of flowers and compose a stunning unconventional and totally unique bridal bouquet. Use anthuriums as second flowers or as principal flowers, depending on your wedding budget, on the formality, location and theme of the wedding.

You can also mix anthuriums with star gazer lilies, orchids, freesias, lotus, hibiscus, amaryllis, gardenias, magnolias, dahlias or stephanotis and obtain a marvelous uniquely romantic hot and trendy anthurium wedding bouquet.

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