Ana Torres wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | March 26 2020 | by Jenny | 3 Comments

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In case you are in love with the Spanish couture bridal style perhaps you will find these stunning Ana Torres wedding dresses beautiful, attractive and suitable for your taste and personality. Many modern brides tend to have a favorite fashion designer or a favorite style that they wish to follow for their own wedding dress for the big day.

We think that the Spanish style promoted by many Bridal Couture houses today is rather volcanic, bold, temperamental and extremely artistic, creative and passional. These dresses presented on this page are definitely wonderful creations made especially for the contemporary bride who wants the feminine voguish silhouette on the day.

Ana Torres’s style is original and absolutely amazing. Through her spectacular one of-a-kind wedding dresses she manages to win even the heart of the most unimpressive bride or fashion critic. We find these gorgeous gowns appropriate for fashionable modern weddings and for vanguardist brides who know exactly what they want for the big day: glamour, uniqueness, sophistication, drama, ultra elegance, refinement, comfort, attractiveness, femininity, sensuality and exquisiteness. The precision of the lines and cuts made on this dresses is definitely noticeable in the way the overall design manages to offer the bride a truly fantastic and spectacular perfect look.

We don’t really believe in the existence of the perfect wedding dress, but these styles are close to the ideal gown envisioned by every modern bride. Most fashion designers of the moment have the charming inspiration of creating magical pieces especially for the modern bride who has new and higher expectations of a wedding dress. The modern woman is actually the main source of inspiration or the muse of many fashion designers today when it comes to designing and creating fabulous bridal gowns.

The dresses posted on this page belong to a recent stunning bridal collection made for 2010 brides and not only. The style is dramatic but still classy, perfect for brides who want the complete look where the innocence, the romance, the originality and the artistry prevail.

The fabrics are expensive and refined, the silhouettes are incredibly feminine, dandy and yet flirty. You can find gorgeous and unique Ana Torres wedding dresses with pockets like in the images below. Ana Torres likes to use major accents and details shaped into pockets, big bows or glower blooms, vibrant bold colored sashes or waist bands, petal ruffles, rich subtle textures, deep cleavage or sweetheart necks, layers of flowers or fabrics and other discreet and yet eye-catchy embroideries or embellishments.

The vast majority of Ana Torres’s wedding dresses are form-fitted, presenting a splendid dreamy silhouette that every bride is after. You can find from sensual sheath and empire waist styles to classy A-line or princess styles with more or less voluminous skirts.11


  1. Shanna

    January 22, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    Cute. this is what I can say about how these dresses make someone look. Cute. But I have to admit they are very nice and refined. But at a first glance they do not seem at all original. They don’t look unique or something like that. But after a closer look, when you can really see the details, this impression is totally gone. However, this is not what I wanted to say. I wanted to just say I finally found what I was looking for. The last picture, the last dress you have put here is the one that I always wanted and I didn’t know how to explain. I always liked dresses that would have these large skirts that would “open” at front. But I wanted something modern as well. This dress is exactly like that and it also seems to have pockets. Great!

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