Amazon Wedding Registry: How To Use It And Why It’s A Great Tool

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Amazon Wedding Registry

Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to start talking “wedding planning”. This is a very complicated language, since there is generally so much to do in so little time, especially if your wedding is less than a year from now. This is why today, we are going to talk about the wedding registry. Specifically, about the Amazon Wedding Registry.

Most of the time, couples tend to be quite unprepared when it comes to putting together a list of things they would need after they get married, especially if they did not live together beforehand. Wedding guests will be really thankful when they attend a wedding with a registry prepared, because it saves them the time, the headache and sometimes, even a trip to the store where they have to figure out what to buy. So, when you create your wedding registry, wouldn’t it be best if you could find a store which has everything? Sadly, there are few of them that do. However, you could switch to an online store. A store with a huge product database, with quick delivery, reliable and prices affordable for everyone.

A store like Amazon. The Amazon wedding registry section which may be difficult to locate at first, when you’re on the website’s homepage. You have to go to ‘Lists’ and then select ‘Wedding Registry’ from the drop-down. However, you could also use Google to search for “Amazon wedding registry” and the first result is the one you need.

Signing up

As with all wedding registry stores, you have to create a wedding profile to get you started. That means that Amazon requires some of your wedding information in order to create your Amazon wedding registry. You will need an Amazon account for this, so you can either use the one you already have or create a new one in case you’re new to the website.

The first section is “About you”. Here, you must state your full name and your partners’ name, as well as your roles (bride/groom/partner). You also have the option of inviting your partner to edit the registry. In case you already have an Amazon account with a physical address linked to it, Amazon will recognize this address and ask you if that is where you’d like Amazon to send your gifts. Please take note that Amazon works with a lot of third party sellers. You need to authorize the sellers to ship these products to your home, if that’s the case.

The next section is “Your wedding”. Obviously, this is where you have to enter the basic wedding information: the event date, the location (including city, state and country) and the estimated number of guests.

The third section is “Your privacy”.

Amazon Wedding Registry Sign Up

Here, Amazon allows you to share your registry by making it public or you can keep it private for the time being. There is also the option of allowing only certain people to see the registry, by giving them a link that Amazon will later generate.

Amazon Wedding Registry items

After the process above is complete, Amazon will redirect you to the actual Amazon wedding registry page, where you can start putting together your wishlist. You will notice that in the upper left corner, you have you name, as well as that of your future spouse and a wedding countdown. There are 2 more figures which are currently 0: the number of gifts you have added to the registry and the number of gifts that your guests have already purchased. From this point on, you can start searching Amazon’s Registry Suggestions, which are broken down by categories such as Small Kitchen Appliances, Flatware, etc.

If you’re not sure where to begin, there’s a category called “Popular wedding gifts” and it’s just the right section to get your started. Here you can see a collection of some of the most popular gifts that people have added to their wedding registries in the past.

Amazon Wedding Registry Popular Wedding Gifts

Once you have found a product to your liking, you will notice that in its small window, you have the option of selecting the quantity and then adding the product to your registry by pressing the designated yellow button. Once the item has been added, you will notice that you can edit the details for that specific product. This means that you can change the quantity of that product, add comments for your guests to read or even remove that item from the registry.

Once you’ve added the first item to the list, you will notice that the first digit in the upper right corner, the one after the wedding days count down, has now changed to 1. By clicking on that number, the website will redirect you to a page with all your current Amazon wedding registry items. Every item has a green flag in the lower right corner of its small window. By clicking on it, you can modify the priority of that item, by setting it to “high”. This will alert your guests that you are more interested in some of the items added to the registry and they can focus on purchasing those first.

Even if everyone loves receiving gifts, not all couples know where to start creating this Amazon wedding registry. You can approach your wedding registry from 2 different angles: either by adding the items you really need to get you started in your new home, or by adding the items you’ve always wanted, but don’t really need and didn’t have a chance to buy yet. In general, the second category includes fancier and more luxurious items which may not be affordable to all your guests. As a general recommendation, you may want to add the items you need first, while taking into consideration that some of your guests may be on a budget.

Shopping by brand stores

If you’ve wanted the new Nespresso coffee maker but you weren’t able to afford it up until now, this is your chance to get it. The “Shop brand stores” option allows you to browse some of the virtual Amazon stores of big brands which are popular in the wedding gifting “industry”. You have access to names such as Mikasa, KitchenAid, Microsoft, Vitamix, Oxo or Calphalon.

Shopping by style

This is where the Amazon wedding registry process really gets interesting. With curated collections such as “Streamlined Sanctuary” “Eclectic Entertaining” and “Modern Mix,” there’s a little something for everybody’s tastes.

Amazon Wedding Registry Shop By Style

Basically, this category allows you to choose your own style and start adding items to your registry that fit the style you’ve opted for. For example, the “Scandinavian” style includes some specific décor items, mostly in white, which is considered the basic color for this look.

Your registry

You also have the option of modifying your registry by selecting the “Your registry” option from the left-side menu. “Share your registry” gives you the option to make your registry available to other in 3 different ways:

• By using a direct link. Amazon generated a direct link to your wedding registry page which you can directly share with your guests
• Social network sharing. With integrated shortcuts to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and your email client, Amazon allows you to publicly share your wedding registry by posting it on your social media accounts or by sending it via email.
• Website embeds. Amazon also created an embed code which you can post directly on your website. You may not own a blog, but maybe you’ve created a wedding website, especially since there are so many ones out there which are free to make.

Amazon Wedding Registry Your Registry

You also have your “Thank you lists & returns” option which will display the information of the gift buyers, allowing you to thank them afterwards.

Other options

One of Amazon’s wedding registry features is called “universal registry” and it is something used by brides all over the world. This option allows you to add items to your Amazon wedding registry even if you haven’t found them on Amazon’s website. However, if you purchase a gift from another website, you need to know that none of Amazon’s policies will apply to that purchase, even if you’ve added the item to that registry. For gifts purchased from stores or websites other than Amazon, customer service (including returns) is handled by that seller. Amazon has no control over your experience once you leave their website and the A-to-Z Guarantee does not apply to these orders.


To wrap things up, we’re going to take a look at the main benefits that Amazon’s wedding registry service provides above other similar online shops.

• You will receive 10% off remaining items on your registry after the event for savings of up to $100, once you’ve completed the registry.
• You have access to the largest selection of gifts that can be included in a wedding registry from a single source. Even more, you are not limited to household items, but can also choose from other categories such as games, fashion items, cosmetics, electronics, tools and even hobby items.
• Amazon is quite generous with its shipping, which means there is a high change you can benefit from free shipping on a lot of items.
• The huge database of users also comes with a lot of user reviews, which means there are high chances of having customer opinions on every item you add to your wishlist. Amazon reviews are a great way of discovering the experience people have had in the past with the product you’re interested in.
• If you are unhappy with one of the products for whatever reason, you have the option of returning that gift and you will be compensated in the form of a gift card which you can use to purchase other Amazon products.
• With the Amazon wedding registry service, it is also easier to put together a “thank you” list. Amazon will give you a list with the names of your gifters, as well their address and the items they purchased. This way, it is easier for you to send “thank you” cards.

So if you’ve decided to give it a try after reading this, just click here to get started with your Amazon Wedding Registry.

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