Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection

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Very chic and luxurious this Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection that we’re presenting here! All these gorgeous gowns that you can find on this page were created for the contemporary brides who want to wear something bold, sexy and high class.


The edgy, hot and trendy style promoted by Allure Bridals can definitely meet the preferences of many modern brides, no doubt about it! However, those who don’t want anything too form-fitted or curve-emphasizing might not find these pieces adequate for their wedding or appropriate for a formal wedding in general.

Nevertheless, the thing is that these sexy dresses still look decent, dramatic and elegant! We are convinced that those who always wanted to dress up in a more attractive and sensual way will say that these models here are the perfect attire for their wedding! These gowns are surely for the bolder brides who are willing to adopt a more provocative style for their big day.

The sensual profiles, the curved shapes, the sexy bold cuts and rich details make these gowns look incredibly hot, voluptuous in some cases and appealing. Any bride who wants to stand out on her wedding day and differentiate her look among other brides or female wedding guests should give it a try with one of these gorgeous Allure Bridals wedding dresses.

This designer’s gown masterpieces look both modern and classical and this is why we believe that they fit different types of preferences. Those who had a vision of wearing something luscious, seductive and ultra feminine at their wedding now have the chance to make that dream or vision come true with these superb pieces!

If you always thought that you look at your best in figure-flattering designs that hug your body and enhances all your beautiful natural curves and lines, then Allure Bridals is your designer! This Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection contains sleek, glamorous, dramatic and dazzling dress masterpieces all cut in form-fitted and tight designs and adorned with rich embroideries and fancy exquisite details.

The palette of fabrics is ample and it features only soft, innovative and expensive material. We like the fact that these dresses incorporate novelty details and accents that are able to take the bride to a further level of elegance, uniqueness and fashion. These pieces are created for those who taste the refinement, the finesse and versatility of the chic modern style. We adore the fancy headpieces that add richness and romanticism to the bride’s look.11

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