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From now on, at the end of every week, we’ll have a roundup of all the articles weddings and marriage related we found on other websites in the past days and think they deserve to be shared, as you might find useful. From news about celebrities and fashion designers, to tips related to wedding planning and thoughts about marriage.

Also, if you run into other similar articles that you consider to be useful, or if you published one yourself, please let us know and send them links – either on mail (contact at, via Twitter (@Wed_Specialists) or through a direct message on Facebook.

This is our first weekly roundup of such articles:

amal (1).jpg

1. Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta dies aged 82, just weeks after creating incredible dress for Amal Clooney’s wedding
2. Beyonce and Jay-Z renew their wedding vows
3. Candice Accola marries Joe King (photos + wedding video)
4. Lance Bass Sets Wedding Date And ‘N Sync Reunion

5. 15 Must-Read Wedding Dress Shopping Tips
6. How To Sell A Wedding Dress (or, in this case, how not to)
7. What are the most common wedding favors
8. Confidence: the secret key to pulling off a guilt-free budget wedding
9. How to throw a child-free wedding

10. Millennials and Marriage – For better or worse, for a limited time
11. 17 Things I’ve Learned From Being Married to a Chef

[Oscar de la Renta credit photo]

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