Alessandro Angelozzi Wedding Dresses II

Wedding Dresses | April 10 2019 | by Jenny | 3 Comments

Due to the positive remarks and responses that we received from you on our previous articles on Alessandro Angelozzi wedding dresses we thought to bring more of the precious and glamorous styles promoted by this designer for his ultimate 2011 bridal collection on our website.


We are honored and privileged to have this couturier’s dress masterpieces here and we truly believe that many of you will fall in love with his creations from the very first minute you will lay your eyes on these sensational gowns. And we are also convinced that there will still be brides who will soon discover this designer’s precious and divine dresses and wish to see more and more!

This is the feeling that these fascinating Alessandro Angelozzi wedding dresses transmit – the thirst and the craving for seeing more! We have two more articles on Alessandro Couture wedding dresses on our website that we invite you to browse for in order to examine closely more attractive and remarkable gowns created by this couturier for this exceptional and one of a kind collection.

We know that the Italian bridal style can be in many ways, but the general line or vibe is of refinement, high quality, sensuality, timeless romanticism and femininity. These haute couture wedding dresses are no exception in this regard and we are convinced that many of you who are looking for something Italian and chic will find these gowns superb and appropriate for their own wedding wear.

We love the ample and sophisticated ball gown silhouettes beautified with so many crystal embroideries, bows, lace accents and beading patterns that can offer the bride a dazzling appearance and a rare, unique and irresistible silhouette.

Any bride who decides to wear one of these hot and sexy Alessandro Angelozzi wedding dresses will feel special, precious, expensive and one of a kind. We like the black and white designs, the big tulle ball gown silhouettes completed with the long sensual veils, the long sexy gloves, as well as the one shoulder necklines.

The sheer and bustierre bodices are also incredibly beautiful, seductive and romantic, and they can add a touch of edginess and boldness to the bride’s look. We think that this designer’s dress masterpieces are both elevated and timeless romantic due to the successful combination and fusion made by this couturier between the old and the new style, between the refined fabrics and the classy silhouettes.11


  1. Venessa

    March 24, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    I so wish I were more rebellious and could wear black at my wedding. But I’m not and I don’t think I’d feel comfortable if I did. So I will have to skip the first dress, which I find really special, and choose another one from here. BUt it’s so difficult to do it. All the dresses are nice and they tend to be so similar. This is perhaps why I find it difficult to choose. For example, the next two wedding dresses. At a first glance, they seem the same. But at a closer look, I could observe the differences. They are not many and they are very subtle, but exactly this finesse of the dresses characterize them the most. I am still thinking about the one I would like to wear.

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