Alabama Beach Wedding Flowers

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What can be more dream-like location for a wedding ceremony if not the site of a beach? Choosing Alabama as a wedding reception place opens a lot of opportunities to give your wedding party the touch of exotic and freedom. Alabama is a state located in the southern region of the US, being its thirtieth largest state. The climate here is described as temperate with an average annual temperature of 64 degrees F, but in the southern part the temperatures tend to be warmer. Summers though are among the hottest in the US, reaching temperatures of 90 degrees F.

Alabama beach offers the couples a unique wedding experience in romantic surroundings and because of the themes popular in this place, Alabama beach became an attraction for people coming from all over the world. The scenery that displays itself as a perfect background for the wedding conveys at the same time the magical image of a dream. To organize a party down there is quite at handy, since wedding planners are to be reachable, together with the different services needed for the planning and the party itself.

alabama-beach-wedding-flowersOrganizing the wedding on the beach requires for the couple to let their guests know about the location in order for them to get dressed accordingly. Next to the invitation is good to add a weather forecast, since there are situations when the nature plays unexpected surprises, in this case you and your guests might need to be prepared.

Floral decorations, wedding bouquets, bridesmaids’ bouquets, corsages, flowers for men’s boutonnieres are also an important detail of your wedding plan. Be sure you find the florist, along with your other researches, that can integrate the relevant flowers to your party. Considering that the temperature is quite high during the summer season, natural flowers may loose easily their freshness, so you might consider the option of silk made flowers. The art of the florists in this matter is exquisite, since they can replicate the natural flowers in such a manner that one can not tell the difference from a real one to the artificial one.

Lately a way of preservation the fresh flowers appeared on the floral market: the  real plants are treated with a glycerin mixture, thus enabling them to have the same look of freshness and the beauty is that they do not need watering to display the same freshness.

Alabama beach wedding flowers come in a variety of style and color and exotic. The most favored flowers are naturally, the roses. They are also to be found in a wide range of styles and names, such as: bridal pink roses, candia (creamy white with dark pink edges to the petals), Champaign, darling (creamy peach rose), Delores (a soft pink rose), Jacaranda (a hot pink rose), Lady Diana (pale peach rose), Sterling Silver (small lavender rose). Other flowers that are not less appreciated are Orchids – this one comes also in a variety of sorts; Lillies; Anemones – shaped similar to poppies and available in white, blue, red violet, and yellow; Anthuriums; daffodils; freesia; gardenia; lilac; iris and the list can go on. Due to the mirage of its beaches, Alabama is a great place to organize your wedding ceremony!11

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