Akay Maison de Couture Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | September 13 2019 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

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For this article we’ve prepared a few stunning and highly inspiring haute couture wedding dresses designed by Akay Maison de Couture for a spectacular 2011 bridal collection that we think many of you would like to see here on our website.


Those of you who are fascinated by the Turkish bridal style should definitely have a closer look at these enchanting and glamorous pieces we’re presenting you here, because Akay Maison is one of the most famous Turkish fashion companies that produce sensational modern couture and prêt-a-porter gowns for the contemporary women.


This company has many years of experience in this filed and this is why we recommend you their dresses with so much confidence that you will be able to find something that can fit your preferences, tastes or vision. You don’t have to be a Turkish bridal style fan to adopt or like one of these sensational Akay Maison de Couture wedding dresses for your own wear!


We are convinced that many of you will find these gowns absolutely sensational and one of a kind. If you won’t be able to choose anything that can fit the type of wedding or look you’re planning, we are sure that you will at least be able to get inspired by these precious designs.


We must mention that all these charming creations were made for the sring season, although we recommend them to any other type of seasonal wedding. The fabrics are light-weight, woolly, soft and expensive, the silhouettes are feminine, romantic, timeless and elegant, the lines are fluid and classy, the cuts are bold and fashionable, and this is why we believe that these gowns can fit many types of wedding formalities and seasons.


We like the fact that this designer thought to make these dresses look very chic, fun and cheerful, so that they can fit many modern brides and their preferences. Overall, the designs are very artistic and rich, although the silhouettes are classic and impeccably elegant.


Perhaps you should zoom in a little bit on the picture to see just how charmingly detailed and sophisticated these Akay Maison de Couture wedding dresses really are at a closer look! This unique collection features both ample and form-fitted styles – one more beautiful than the other. You can choose from lavish and extravagant ball gown or classy A-line silhouettes, delicate empire waist and sheath styles, mermaid and modern modified A-line styles.11

1 Comment

  1. audrey big

    April 06, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    Some bodices are pretty nice and chic, elaborately simple, I’d say. Some of the skirts are also very nice. What I don’t like is that the dresses I find very beautiful from head to toe are not wearable while the most wearable are not that beautiful any more. For example, beginning with the beginning of the article, the firs dress is so beautiful, so sexy, but I don’t think it’s too comfortable. While the last one is not that beautiful, but pretty legere and wearable.There may be some other dresses that may be wearable and nice but those are not exactly my style of wedding dresses. So, I might just get inspired from this designer.

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