African American Wedding Hair

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For you wedding day you should definitely choose an elegant hairstyle because you will most likely wear a gorgeous white dress, so you should definitely pair it with a hairstyle that will make you look radiant. Fortunately there are plenty of interesting wedding hairstyles to choose from no matter if you are a traditional or more unconventional African American bride.

So, if you are interested in impressing on your wedding day, when it comes to the hairstyle you should first of all choose between simple options and experimental looks. Once you make that choice you will find it easier to choose from the variety of possibilities available. In essence you simply need to make sure you choose a style that matches your personality as well as your wedding dress and the formality of the event.

For instance, you should consider the flip hairstyle that’s perfect for the African American brides with short hair. This option is pretty charming and also timeless, so you will definitely surprise your guests in a pleasant manner. For instance, you should consider creating a sleek flip using some pomade or relying on a razor cut flip that will look extremely stylish on the wedding day while being easy to convert in an every-day look the day after the wedding. That textured look that you might be looking for can definitely be obtained with the help of a razor.

 African American Wedding Hair

African American Wedding Hair (Photo by: Jason Aspinall)

You should also consider the afro style which is extremely stylish and versatile being easy to convert in any formal or informal look you are interested in. For a wedding, you should definitely go for the more stylish hairstyles based on the afro style. For instance, you should decide to base your wedding day look on a piece-y afro parted to one side to which you can easily add elegance by pinning the hair to the back and decorating it with a beautiful flower.

African American brides should also consider up-dos. This hairstyle is elegant and sophisticated and it’s not extremely hard to create. I find most impressive the curly up-dos that gather the hair while leaving free a few curly locks of hair for adding a romantic and fun touch. To make sure the up-do you are interested in turns out perfect, you will definitely require the assistance of a skillful friend or of a hairstylist. That’s because it’s hard to make sure every strand of hair is under control all by yourself.

If you find up-dos to be too formal, you should consider instead basket weaves and braids.


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